SOS 3rd Grade Bible

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SOS 3rd Grade Bible


Looking for a Bible course that teaches the foundations of Christianity and tells the story of Jesus' life? How about a fun, computer-based course that has automatic grading and lesson planning? Now you can both. Switched-On Schoolhouse 3rd Grade Bible has all the above and more. Packed with meaningful Bible lessons, this interactive Alpha Omega curriculum allows your child to study the Bible in an exciting, motivating format. Plus, he can study right on the computer with engaging multimedia tools which make learning lessons more interesting and fun. Tools like video clips, learning games, and a text-to-speech feature will help your child experience the Bible like never before. Plus, SOS 3rd Grade Bible offers two Bible versions to choose from-either the King James Version or New American Standard Bible®.

Bring the Bible to life with Switched-On Schoolhouse's dynamic content and easy-to-read lessons! From the Old to the New Testament, your child will study biblical lessons and learn about developing positive character traits like being friendly, loving others, and helping neighbors. SOS 3rd Grade Bible is packed with helpful background information to teach your child verse memorization, the books of the Bible, and more. Studies of Joseph, Abraham, Paul, and the Bible writers are also included. Finally, here is a homeschool curriculum that teaches about the Bible, is easy to use, and is computer-based. What could be better? Experience it for yourself and order Switched-On Schoolhouse 3rd Grade Bible from Alpha Omega Publications today.

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