LIFEPAC® Set of 5 Diagnostic Tests for Grades 7-12

Product Id - AS9923

LIFEPAC® Set of 5 Diagnostic Tests for Grades 7-12


Eager to start homeschooling your child with the LIFEPAC curriculum? But afraid of creating learning gaps? Don't be! All you need is the LIFEPAC Set of 5 Diagnostic Tests for Grades 7-12 from Alpha Omega Publications! Designed to find the proper placement for your child, this Alpha Omega curriculum starter kit comes with five soft-cover booklets which each contain ten consumable diagnostic tests for every grade level, a simple-to-use answer key, and a placement worksheet. Each booklet tests your child's progress in the areas of Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science. To administer each test, remove the inserted answer key from each booklet and allow your student to complete each of the ten tests included. All tests are divided into ten sections of ten questions each. After your student has completed all the tests within his learning level, you can score them by placing the easy-to-use answer key next to the student answer sheet. Simply total the scores to find out where you should place your child. It's that easy!

More importantly, the LIFEPAC Set of 5 Diagnostic Tests for Grades 7-12 will also help you find learning gaps in your child's progress. If your student scores lower on a particular test section, all you have to do is get the corresponding LIFEPAC worktext for remediation to help build his comprehension in that area. And you'll love how easily you can improve your student's learning gaps with one economical, subject-focused LIFEPAC worktext, instead of buying overpriced textbooks that might not be geared toward your students learning level! Best of all, the must-have LIFEPAC Set of 5 Diagnostic Tests for Grades 1-8 will give you the peace of mind that your child is learning at the correct grade level in every subject. What could be better? So say good-bye to the guessing game, and order this valuable resource kit today!

(Note: This resource is highly recommended for middle school or high school students entering the LIFEPAC curriculum. Order according to the last grade your student has completed.)


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