10 Bike Bag Essentials

Like starting a new homeschool year or tying their own shoes, learning to ride a bike is an important milestone in your children’s lives. Once they’ve mastered life on two wheels, bike rides can provide some of the most health beneficial, fun, and rewarding family time you can have. Before you hit the trails on your cycling caravan, be prepared for the journey with these 10 bike bag essentials. Think of it as the Mom purse with everything you need just in case!

1. Spare tubes. Nothing sucks the air out of a fun day like a flat tire.

2. Tire levers. If you do get a flat, levers can make your job less time-consuming and frustrating as you try to remove the tire from the rim.

3. Patch kit. While replacing the tube is best, a patch gets the job done if you’re in a time crunch or encounter a brutal day with multiple flats.

4. CO2 cartridges. These lightweight canisters are the quickest way to pump up a new tire.

5. Hand pump. Unlike CO2 cartridges, a small hand pump never runs out. It just requires more manual labor.

6. Snacks. Everyone has a tendency to get hangry when low on nutrition, right? Plus, you’ll want to make sure everyone has enough energy to make the return trip home.

7. Bandages. They take up minimal space and can make a big difference if someone takes a small spill.

8. Multi-tool. Most bikes require an Allen wrench to loosen or tighten bolts.

9. Cash or credit card. Who knew there was an ice cream shop right along the way? 🙋‍♀️😋

10. Cell phone. Cycling provides a great opportunity to get away from screens, but you’ll appreciate having your phone along for the ride in case of an emergency.

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