10 Hints You're a Homeschool Parent

10 Hints You're a Homeschool Parent 

1. Your family vacation consists of historical sites, museums, and a meager budget for anything else you want to do or buy besides the gas to get back.

2. Your kids are often the smartest and most well-mannered in the room.

3. Your ideal extreme homeschool makeover would be sponsored by Ikea. (Just imagine – all the bookcases and organizers you could ever need!)

4. Your kids are in the back yard making animal prints out of Plaster of Paris while their friends are stuck in desks, in rows, inside.

5. Your trunk is packed with tubs and totes for the outdoors (bug spray, sunscreen, first aid, and any wildlife your kids capture to study), clothes for your kids’ extracurricular activities, books, road trip entertainment, and picnic supplies and snacks (in case you don't make it home for meals).

6. People ask if your children are sick when you're on field trips or running errands.

7. Your entire house is a learning center, including the bathroom. You have bookshelves in every room, your window sills can never be deep enough, and even your yard has become one big botany experiment.

8. If it has art or science project potential, it’s never tossed. Old socks turn into sock puppets. Milk cartons emerge in art or gardening projects. Boxes become storage for school supplies.

9. Your child is reading about biomes in a fort in the middle of the living room.

10. Your house is in the Parade of Homes for teaching supply stores.

What would you add to the list?

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HEATHER COOKE 10/02/2014 13:47:27

#11. You have many different types of encyclopedia sets in your home. (Children’s, Canadian, High School, Grolier's, Science, Animals, Photography, Crafts, Cross-Stitch, Music, etc.). And your friends didn't even know most of them even existed.

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