10 Ways to Incorporate Physical Education into Your Homeschool Routine

Physical education sometimes gets lost in the busy homeschooler’s day, however, exercising our bodies is important. According to the American Association of Pediatrics, a child should be getting 30 minutes of exercise a day, and some sources suggest that the minimum amount should be closer to 60 minutes. Get your kids moving with these 10 ways to incorporate physical education into your homeschool routine.

1. Play indoor appropriate games. For example, blow up a balloon and play catch with it. Take a step back after every catch and see how many times you can catch the balloon without it touching the ground.

2. Make it a priority to devote enough time to swimming so your children learn how to be safe in the water.

3. Take a break to enjoy a playground in your neighborhood park or your own backyard.

4. Organize a local physical education class for your kids and local homeschool group.

5. Join a fitness center and attend exercise classes and workout opportunities for you and your children.

6. Enroll your child in a dance studio. Dance encourages fitness, flexibility, and coordination.

7. In many states, public schools allow homeschool students to participate in physical education classes or extra-curricular activities.

8. Participate in youth sports associations. Take advantage of a local seasonal program in soccer, basketball, football, softball, baseball, volleyball, hockey, or another sport.

9. A daily stretching routine can increase your flexibility and fitness level, while preparing your body and mind for a busy day ahead or providing relaxation after a day of homeschooling.

10. Subscribe to video tutorials on YouTube for exercise moves and in-house activities.

Horizons Physical Education
Are you looking for more ways to incorporate physical education into your homeschool routine? Horizons Physical Education is an activity-filled curriculum filled with learning exercise techniques, important fitness skills, and healthy living habits taught from a Christian perspective. A 3-day per week program, this Christian homeschool curriculum teaches your student everything from various sports and games to motor skills and teamwork. Unlike all the other Horizons subjects, Physical Education is taught with only teacher's guides. Divided into four complete teacher's guides covering PreK-12th grade, these easy-to-use guides contain all the teaching material and goals needed for each grade level for a full school year. In addition, time-saving resources such as teacher instructions, sample lesson plans, and daily student activities are included.

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