15 Parents Share Why They Love Monarch

If you’ve ever wondered if an online curriculum is a good fit for your family, then a Monarch free trial is perfect for you! With a one-month free trial, you get online access to 5 main subjects across grades 3-12, giving you the opportunity to explore the curriculum before making a purchase.

Parents and students around the globe are enjoying the freedom of online learning. Take a look at what they have to say about Monarch from AOP.

1. “I love the instant grading and organization!” – Tara P.

2. “We do a 4-day school week and being able to customize the schedule is AWESOME.” – Amanda H.

3. “This is the best program we have ever used.” – Oscar M.

4. “Monarch is so helpful in what is done for me as the teacher. I set my start date, and it schedules everything! Plus, it grades most things as well!” – Christina F.

5. “You don’t have to make your student do every project, essay, or experiment. You can unassign them if need be. This has been such a time saver for our family! We love Monarch!” – Brandi V.

6. “We love Monarch for the ease of planning, creation-based science, and Christian incorporation into every subject.” – Kristen B.

7. “Once we set up the free 30-day trial, we were hooked.” – Elaina A.

8. “Everybody should have Monarch!” – Janel S.

9. “Monarch is so easy to use and fun for the kids. Mine absolutely love it so much that they ask me to do school.” – Zachary E.

10. “This is my first time being a homeschool parent. I LOVE IT! I've researched several different programs and even online academies, and Monarch has been the best suited program for my family. We love this program and will continue this until all our kids are graduated!” – Paige B

11. “I love that my child has the freedom to do his lessons at his own pace.” – Rebecca

12. “My daughter would only use books up until we did the Monarch trial. She fell in love with it, and we are planning to use it for the upcoming school year.” – Stacey K.

13. “We love Monarch. We just finished up our first year, and will be using it again!” – Kelly B.

14. “We love using Monarch! I had reached a point with my oldest that paper and pencil curriculum was our battle ground. My husband and I were seriously considering enrolling her in public school. I had resisted using electronic curriculum because I didn't want to lose the control over what she was learning, how she was graded, and how we scheduled our school time. However, making the switch was the BEST thing we did to help keep our collective sanity. Instead of losing control, we both gained more freedom. I HIGHLY recommend this option to anyone who asks me.” – Jennifer M.

15. “During Monarch's free trial, I used the opportunity to discover where my children were academically. They were well below the standards that public school said they were. I was able to start them where they needed to be so they could continue with confidence and have a strong foundation to work from. That is why I chose Monarch.” – Janice B.

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