15 Tips for New Homeschool Parents

As exciting as it is to take on the responsibility of educating your child, the thought and practice of homeschooling can become overwhelming at times. Seeking advice from seasoned veterans as you begin your homeschool journey is a great way to calm your nerves, generate ideas, and assure yourself that you can do this! Check out a few tips from our Facebook fans as you begin your adventure.

1. “Be willing to be flexible when you start out. Something that works well for one child might not work well for another. The best time of day to do work might be different than you expect. Just be flexible!” – Deborah B.

2. “Keep your homeschool in prayer and put God first in everything.” – Christina E.

3. “Don’t get bogged down in all the specifics. Just start and learn as you go.” – Kathryn S.

4. “Each homeschool is different, and each child is different. Don’t try to do what everyone else is doing and live up to everyone else’s homeschool. Do what is best for your family and your homeschool!” – Jennifer K.

5. “Be a student yourself. Make learning exciting.” – Stephanie S.

6. “Just remember if you don’t get to do something one day, there is always tomorrow or the next day or the next!” – Kelli W.

7. “Give it a year and expect the first six months to be super stressful. It is the same as learning your way around a new job. It takes a while to get in the groove.” – Andi M.

8. “Homeschool doesn’t have to resemble public school. You don’t have to do school six hours a day.” – Alyson H.M.

9. “Take time to enjoy just being a family. Relationships to Jesus and each other are the most important part. Academics will fall into place.” – Henry A.

10. “Find someone to mentor you. Find someone who has done this before and ask for advice. Then, do what works for your family.” – Sarah H.

11. “Accept life’s interruptions for what they are – a break! Don’t get hung up on schedules and plans.” – Katie S.S.

12. “Join a local group. They will not only be great encouragement when you need it, but they will collectively be aware of just about every local resource you could need.” – Debra C.

13. “You don’t have to do everything. Relax and take each day as it comes.” – Sarah H.H.

14. “Breathe and allow the Lord to lead.” – Mayrah M.H.

15. “Relax and have fun. Enjoy your child and the time you have with them.” – Sandy B.

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