20 Thrifty Summer Activities

20 Thrifty Summer ActivitiesWhether you continue to homeschool throughout the summer or take a break, the warmer months bring more relaxed days and a less rigorous schedule. Summer also gives kids more time to climb trees, read what they like, and see friends. But if you catch your child uttering the dreaded phrase, “I’m bored,” or you’d like some fun and frugal ideas for filling the long days, cross off some of the suggestions below without having to worry about finances.

1. Take advantage of summer deals and discounts at local museums or zoos.

2. Create your own water park in the backyard by setting up sprinklers, throwing water-balloons, and eating popsicles.

3. Have a date day for each member of the family. Let the child choose what he or she wants to do and snap pictures to preserve the memory.

4. Host a lemonade stand.

5. Learn about your state’s history, bird, tree, etc. Visit some of the local tourist destinations.

6. Pitch a tent or throw some sleeping bags on the ground and go camping in your own backyard. Don’t forget the microwavable s’mores!

7. Volunteer at a local organization. Learn more about the benefits of volunteering and where you can get involved from this blog post.

8. Pamper your pet with a bath, walk, play time, grooming session, or by singing your friend your favorite song.

9. Explore parts of your city that you have never toured. Browse through fun boutiques, run around parks, and grab an ice cream cone at a café.

10. Get creative in the kitchen and host a contest to see who can make the best smoothie without a recipe.

11. Draw the biggest hopscotch course possible on your sidewalk or driveway and play the game as a family.

12. Master the art of taking a good photograph. Set up a “modeling” session with your family members or pets, go outside and take pictures of the landscape, or snap pictures of your daily life.

13. Create a collage of your favorite things in life.

14. Have a craft day. Check out AOP’s Pinterest account for some fun, crafty ideas.

15. Learn and become an expert about the roots of Christian homeschooling.

16. Write a sharing book. Have each family member write a short chapter and pass it on until the book is finished.

17. Become the ultimate bookworm and join a book or library club.

18. Discover new jump rope games.

19. Over time, place all unwanted items in a box and give them to a secondhand store or throw a yard sale.

20. Utilize online and library resources to learn a new skill, whether it’s an instrument, computer program, knitting, acting, or watermelon carving.

What fun and frugal activities does your family enjoy in the summer?

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