20 Ways to Give Back as a Family

Being charitable shouldn’t happen only during the holidays, and giving back is something everyone can do, even kids. Volunteering and contributing can help families learn about their own community, as well as develop a respect and understanding for different people and lifestyles. Helping someone in need can also instill a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in your children.

Make a positive impact in someone’s life today with this list of 20 ways to give back as a family.

1. Serve food at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

2. Gather and donate baby items to a crisis pregnancy center.

3. Offer to do a project or serve at an event for a local church or non-profit.

4. Bake cookies or pick up a bouquet of flowers and give them to a neighbor.

5. Sing songs or bring handmade crafts to a local nursing home.

6. Bring donuts, pizza, or baked goods to your local police station or fire department to say thank you.

7. Bring dog treats to your local animal shelter.

8. Organize a coat drive in your school, church, or neighborhood.

9. Purchase food items and donate them to a local food pantry.

10. Make a meal and bring it to someone who needs it.

11. Help your kids donate a gently used toy to give to a child in need.

12. Download apps that donate proceeds to charities.

13. Shop with AmazonSmile.

14. Sign up to be an organ donor.

15. Adopt an endangered animal through a wildlife organization.

16. Set up a monthly donation to a charity of your choice

17. Write letters to a soldier through pen pal services.

18. Donate your gently used clothing and household items to people in need.

19. Teach someone a special skill.

20. Give blood.

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