21 Clever Storage Tips for Christmas Décor

When the new year arrives and the holidays are over, it’s time to put away all the Christmas decorations. Take the hassle out of storing your lights and ornaments with these 21 simple and clever storage tips.

1. Hang gift bags from adhesive hooks.

2. Use a tree storage bag.

3. Try a tiered ornament box.

4. Use a fabric bin to store wrapping paper.

5. Use a hanging organizer to store wrapping essentials.

6. Store any loose or strings of beads in empty water bottles.

7. Use a coat hanger to store wreaths.

8. Wrap extension cords around empty paper towel holders.

9. Wrap lights around the flap of a cardboard box with one-inch notches cut in it so they won’t get tangled.

10. Buy storage bins with dividers to separate your ornaments by color.

11. Use transparent storage containers so you can see what is inside each one.

12. Use drop cloths to create bags for the top, middle, and bottom pieces of your artificial tree.

13. Loop the ribbon or hooks onto wooden rods, and place them in a plastic bin so they are ready to go for next year.

14. Use duct tape to bundle and number each artificial tree layer together.

15. Use apple containers to store ball ornaments.

16. Use storage drawers to sort any wrapping supplies.

17. Use plastic wrap to shrink wrap your tree for post-holiday storage.

18. Make a Christmas card book by punching holes in the top of the cards and tying them together with ribbon.

19. Repurpose an empty egg carton to store smaller Christmas bulbs.

20. Cut cardboard to fit inside a plastic bin. Glue plastic cups to the bottom and drop ornaments into the cups. Layer the cardboard and cups until the tote is full.

21. Protect loose bulbs during storage by placing each inside a few coffee filters.

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