25 Basic Etiquette Lessons Every Child Should Know

Even if your child is young, it’s not too early to start teaching proper manners. To make sure your child isn’t the one with the rude ‘tude, check off this list as you help teach these 25 manners every child should know:

1. Show respect and kindness to everyone around you.
2. Say please, thank you, and excuse me every day.
3. Hold your silverware correctly.
4. Place a napkin on your lap and wipe your mouth with care.
5. Chew with your mouth closed.
6. Keep your elbows off the table.
7. Don’t interrupt someone in a conversation.
8. Keep negative comments to yourself.
9. Compliment others.
10. Always help someone in need.
11. Be aware of positive body language.
12. Address adults by their titles of Mr., Mrs., or Miss unless instructed to do differently.
13. Knock on a door before opening it.
14. Answer the phone politely.
15. Make eye contact when speaking to another person.
16. Don’t point or stare.
17. Always cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.
18. Invite someone to join your group if he or she is alone.
19. Hold the door for others.
20. Ask for permission to leave the table.
21. Perform tasks without grumbling.
22. Don’t reach across the table. Instead, kindly ask for something to be passed to you.
23. If asked how you’re doing, respond with the same question or a similar one.
24. Clean up your own messes.
25. Avoid looking at your phone when talking to others.

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