25 Things Your Family Should Do Before Christmas

December can be a busy and sometimes hectic month of the year, but it’s also a great time for making lifetime memories. To make sure you enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, use this list and check it twice to see how many your family can complete before this Christmas!

1. Visit a live nativity.
2. Make Christmas goodies with your family.
3. Share your treats with your neighbors.
4. Watch your favorite Christmas movie.
5. Make hot chocolate and drive around looking at Christmas lights.
6. Go caroling. (A hospice house or the hallways of a retirement home are nice warm places!)
7. Attend a candlelight church service.
8. Perform a random act of kindness.
9. Read the gospel of Luke 2.
10. Write a Christmas letter by hand.
11. Create a paper chain countdown.
12. Donate warm clothes you no longer wear.
13. Play in the snow with your children.
14. Eat an extra treat without feeling guilty.
15. Call a family member you haven’t talked to recently.
16. Make a special meal for your family.
17. Go ice skating.
18. Explore Christmas music that’s new to you and listen to your classic favorites, too.
19. Support your favorite charity.
20. Make a homemade gift.
21. Let your kids help you wrap presents (and see how well they can keep it a secret).
22. Go on a date with your spouse.
23. Create a personalized calendar for next year.
24. Start a new Christmas tradition of your choice.
25. Reflect on the amazing gift of God’s Son.

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