3 Online Tools for College-bound Homeschoolers

3 Online Tools for College-bound Homeschoolers

With nearly 4,700 U.S. colleges to choose from, there are many things for homeschoolers to consider as you explore job options, select a career path, and apply for college acceptance. Though trends show that colleges are recruiting more homeschoolers, finding the right fit is an important step in achieving academic and professional success.

Tools like LinkedIn’s University Finder, a resource that reveals correlations between degrees from specific colleges and employment with popular companies across the country, make up the ever-growing list of websites that aim to provide prospective college students with tools to help you decide where to go and what to study after graduation.

Though there are pros and cons to online resources like college ranking sites, they can be helpful when their strengths and weaknesses are taken into consideration. As you prepare to transition into the collegiate world, check out three online resources to help you determine the direction of your future.

1. University Finder allows prospective college students to input their intended college major, ideal employer, and preferred place of residence, which the tool uses to generate a list of colleges that send the most alumni into their desired career field. It’s important to note that University Finder generates results based on the LinkedIn profiles of college graduates. Whether a university has 10 or 10,000 graduates with careers in a given field, alumni must set up a profile that references their alma mater and current employer to be included in those results. Though the tool can be an indicator of alumni loyalty and program quality, LinkedIn doesn’t verify profile credentials.

2. MyPath101 is a web app that helps college applicants pinpoint their interests and strengths to choose a major, build a career-friendly online identity, and begin their job search. Though it’s new to the national market, the web app’s pilot program was so successful at the University of Pittsburgh that the school continues to recommend the program to students. Individual memberships are available on a quarterly or yearly basis for as little as $247 per year.

3. AcceptU connects college applicants with former admission counselors who have served at schools across the country. Counselors provide prospective students with virtual support via phone, Skype, and email during the admission process. Though AcceptU offers a free 30-minute consultation, applicants must commit to a payment plan or pay $425 per hour for additional assistance.

What online resources have you discovered to help with college and career planning?

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