4 Everyday Activities for Teaching Life Skills to Kids

As any homeschooler will tell you, educating from home goes far beyond teaching math facts and writing skills. Although the academic side of homeschooling often gets the spotlight, teaching our children life skills is an equally, if not more important goal. Use these four everyday activities to teach your kids life skills without them even knowing you’re doing it!

Ordering at Restaurants
Ordering at restaurants or over the phone when placing takeout orders is a great way to build your child’s confidence in talking with others. Encouraging your child to do these simple tasks from a young age can help them fight the fear of public speaking. Learning to be confident and clear while talking to food service workers is a low risk way to practice skills that will benefit your kids whether in casual social interactions or in job interviews.

Making Their Own Lunch
As any adult knows, making lunch does not have to be glamorous. It just has to be functional. Getting your children into the habit of picking out and making a nutritious lunch that can fuel their learning and help them grow strong is a great way to teach them responsibility and ownership when it comes to their own health. It may also help them appreciate the hard work you do to feed them every day!

Picking Out Clothes
Even your youngest ones can work on the life skill of thinking ahead and being prepared for the next day by picking out their clothes the night before. This handy habit can also save Mom and Dad a lot of time in the morning.

Navigating in the Car
You can help your kids practice their geography and work on their navigation skills by putting them in charge of the driving directions. For older kids (and for car rides when you have more time), try giving them only an old school map to direct you. No smartphone GPS allowed!

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