5 Beginner Tips for Taking Photos of Your Kids

In the age of the smart phone, parents have never had as much easy access to a camera as they do now. However, even the latest technology can’t magically get everyone to cooperate at the exact same time for that perfect photo. To help you capture the memories of their young lives, use these five beginner tips for taking photos of your kids.

1. Whenever possible, use natural light.
Unless you’re a professional photographer, most of your best shots will be taken when you use natural light. Natural light is any light coming from the sun, and it can be found in more places than you think. If you look around your home, find a window that gets a lot of light coming into it. If you can clear away this area, you can get photos with a beautiful, soft light because the window acts as a diffuser. The trick to using natural light is to turn off all sources of artificial light, such as those from lamps or electronics. If you plan to take photos outdoors, a good rule of thumb is to take photos in the morning or late afternoon when the sun isn’t so harsh.

Hint: Some phone cameras or digital cameras automatically turn on the flash for you. Whenever possible, turn the flash off manually and see if you can still get a nicely lit picture without it. You may have to hold the camera extra still without the flash, but if you can manage to do so, the photo will look much more natural and professional.

2. Find an open space and don’t be afraid to crop.
Go to the backyard, find a grassy park, an empty hallway, or really any place with minimal clutter in the background. The fewer items in the background, the more your photos will showcase your subject, which are your kids. Even better, if the space is large, your kids will have room to run and be free and forget about the camera, rather than being restricted to sitting down and forcing a smile.