5 Moon-Themed Activities

July 20, 2019, marks 50 years since the crew of Apollo 11 shocked the world by being the first to land on the moon. To celebrate this historic triumph of humankind, here are 5 moon-themed activities you can do with your kids.

1. Use Oreos to teach the moon's phases.
What better way to celebrate the moon landing while simultaneously learning about the phases of the moon and getting a delicious snack? Break four cookies in half, keeping all the cream on one side. To scrape off the amount of cream to match the phases of the moon, simply use a knife, spoon, or our recommendation, your teeth. Yum!

2. Write a first-hand account.
Have your children write a short story or poem imagining they are Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin stepping onto the moon for the first time. No human has ever stood where they are standing. What do they feel? What are they thinking? Encourage them to write in the first person (using “I” and “me”) to really put themselves in the shoes that were the first to leave their footprints on the moon!

3. Make moon sand.
Mix 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil and you’ll have a tactile child’s dream. Soft, squishy moon sand is a blast to play with, and, more importantly, it’s easy to clean up! Keep your moon sand in an air-tight container to bring out and play with again and again.

4. Read a moon-themed book.
I Love You to the Moon and Back is a great read with little ones, while Hidden Figures (Young Readers' Edition) is a perfect book for elementary or middle schoolers. For older children, you may consider watching the Hidden Figures movie that shares the often untold story of the women behind so many of NASA’s successes.

5. Go moon gazing.
On July 20, the moon will be just leaving the full moon stage so it will be big and bright and perfect for spotting in the night sky. Enjoy a night under the moon, appreciating the wonder of God’s beautiful creation.

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