5 Poetry Apps for Students

Encouraging your middle-school or high-school student to enjoy poetry can feel like an exercise in futility. To many teenagers, reading and writing poetry is about as cool as shopping for clothes with their parents.

While Whitman, Dickinson, and Shelley may not speak to your 21st century teen, there’s hope yet through a medium that does speak to them: technology. To make poetry fun for teenaged techies, education technology writer Laura Bates lists five noteworthy examples in her article “5 Brilliant Poetry Apps for Students,” published at fractuslearning.com.

1. The Poetry App
Cost: Free

Objective: To draw students into a parallel universe of over 100 poems explained by Josephine Hart’s essays and introductions

Top Features: A collection of video and audio narrations performed by famous U.K. actors and a favorites library that lets students access saved works on or offline

What Bates says: “If anything will convince them poetry isn’t outdated, this will!”

2. Poet’s Pad
Cost: $9.99

Objective: Creative writing tool for poetry and spoken word

Top Features: Idea-generating tools inspire students who have writers’ block or anxiety about creating their own poetry for the first time, and an audio recorder allows students to capture their poetry in spoken word form.

What Bates says: “This beautifully designed app will give students an immediate creative boost with its evocative scroll-like background and elegant script.”

3. Verses
Cost: $1.99

Objective: To encourage students to jot down poetry whenever and whenever they’re inspired

Top Features: A rhyming dictionary where students can input words to be provided with potential matching rhymes and a virtual notebook to write and save poem and lyric ideas on the go

What Bates says: “Making the creative process simpler, more accessible, and more fun!”

4. Instant Poetry
Cost: $1.99

Objective: To help students create their own poetry by providing random words that can be moved around the screen to make a poem, similar to Magnetic Poetry

Top Features: Students can use their own photos as backdrops to their poetry and change fonts and colors

What Bates says: “Great for encouraging reluctant students.”

5. Poetry
Cost: Free

Objective: Take thousands of poems wherever you go using the free mobile library containing thousands of classic and contemporary works

Top Features: The search function allows students to search by something as simple as a single line they remember hearing, and they can find new poems and try exciting new poets with a single shake of their mobile device.

What Bates says: “A great tool for introducing students to a wide range of poetry all in one place.”

Do you use apps with your homeschool students? Share one of your favorites in the comment field below.

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