6 Benefits of Owning a Pet

If you have a pet, the unconditional love in their eyes can be justification enough for the work (and the occasional headache) they can bring. However, the benefits of having a pet go far beyond having a snuggly animal buddy (even if that in itself is pretty great). In fact, pets bring with them many sneaky benefits. These are just a few:

6 Benefits of Owning a Pet
1. Having a pet can help you teach your children about responsibility and the importance of caring for something other than themselves. Kids (and adults) are naturally selfish, but having a pet can be a powerful way to challenge them out of that tendency.

2. Having a pet is shown to decrease blood pressure (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

3. Pets such as dogs can keep their owners fit thanks to the amount of exercise they need. Going for a run might not sound fun, but who doesn’t love running around or playing frisbee with a four-legged fluff nugget?

4. Having a pet can create opportunities for socialization and connection because of the special bond pet owners immediately have with other pet owners. Not sure what we mean? Visit a dog park or listen to two cat lovers swap stories.

5. Kids who grow up around “furred animals” are less likely to develop allergies and asthma (WebMD).

6. Pets are shown to combat feelings of loneliness. This can be transformational for children with social anxieties, people dealing with sickness, and the elderly (QualityHealth).

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