6 Outdoor Activities You Can Bring Inside

When the weather is crummy and your children are feeling particularly energetic, there are many ways to bring energy-burning activities that are commonly conducted outdoors inside the walls of your home. Sure, the thought seems scary, but trust us when we say it’s also lots of fun! With a little supervision, things will run smoothly and your kids will burn off energy just in time for naptime.

Bring this classic outdoor game inside by using sheets of paper or masking tape to place numbered squares on the floor. If you use paper, be sure to tape it to the floor so players don’t slip and fall. Then, find a small object that’s friendly for the surface you’re playing on to use as your marker.

Build a Treehouse
Okay, this house won’t actually be in a tree, but you can build a pretty sweet fort from nothing more than a few cardboard boxes, couch cushions, blankets, and pillows. Once you’re finished, nestle in and read a good book or settle down for nap time.

Obstacle Course
Building an obstacle course for the whole family to try is a great way to burn off energy! Plus, you can work on refining fine motor skills by incorporating barriers that require kids to maneuver over or under items, walk a tightrope, or hop on one foot.

As it turns out, empty water bottles make great homemade bowling pins, and hallways make great lanes. Simply draw your foul line with a strip of masking tape, find a ball that can be used indoors, and let the games begin! If your bowling pins need a little more weight to make the game more challenging, fill the bottles with water and tightly screw the lids.

Scavenger Hunt
While this activity requires a bit of prep work by Mom or Dad, kids love it! Hide an object or prize somewhere in the house and write a series of clues your kids have to connect to find the item.

Mini Golf
Get creative by constructing your own course out of plastic cups and obstacles found around the house. Anything from a can of soup to one of mom’s high heels will work as a barrier. When you’re finished constructing the course, grab a putter and golf ball to see who can complete it in the fewest strokes.

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