8 Cell Phones for Kids

One of the more challenging and debatable decisions parents make these days is when their children receive their first cell phone. Then, once your child is ready or has earned the right to own a personal device with a unique 10-digit number, more important decisions need to be made, including if you want your child to have Internet access and the cost you’re willing to pay. To help you find the right device for your child, Fatherly, a digital lifestyle website for dads that’s also frequented by moms, reviewed these 8 cell phones for kids:

Light Phone II Minimalist Phone by Light
Approximate Cost: $300
This app-free phone offers talk, text, alarms, a calculator, and limited music.

Palm Phone
Approximate Cost: $350
This credit-card-sized Android phone allows for apps and is water resistant.

KC2 Cell Phone by KidsConnect
Approximate Cost: $85 + $15-45/mo. service plan
This app-free and browser-free phone allows for contact only to pre-programmed numbers.

Z2 Kids Phone by Gabb
Approximate Cost: $100 + $20+/mo. service plan
This kid-specific device includes music but not a browser or social media.

Journey V by Orbic
Approximate Cost: $100
This talk and text flip phone can go up to 10 days between charges.

Relay Kids Screenless Phone
Approximate Cost: $50 + $10/mo. service plan
This screen-free and water-resistant phone allows for communication through a smartphone app on your phone.

iPod Touch by Apple
Approximate Cost: $140
This phone allows for iOS apps and FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi.

KidiBuzz G2 Kids’ Smart Device by VTech
Approximate Cost: $80
Technically not a phone, this device can send images, texts, and voice messages to approved contacts.

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