8 Shopping Strategies for Black Friday

8 Shopping Strategies for Black FridayOne of the busiest shopping days for bargain hunters in America is almost here. From the perfect Christmas gift to homeschool curriculum and supplies, Black Friday offers great deals for every shopper. Check out these eight tips to help you strategically plan your shopping spree this season.

1. Create a budget. Before dreaming of the deals you’d like to find, set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend. Though you may have to cut some items from your wish list, keeping your bank account in the black will be worth it in the long run.

2. Make a list. Whether you enjoy storing shopping lists on your smart phone or prefer pen and paper planning, consider making a digital list this year. Apps like TGI Black Friday and Black Friday 2014 Ads App simplify shopping by helping you create and share customized lists, compare ads and prices in-store, send deals to friends, and more.

3. Browse online deals. Sure, Cyber Monday exists for a reason, but maybe you can dodge the crowds while snagging some great deals from the comfort of home on Friday, too. (Hint: See below).

4. Buddy up. Shopping with a friend is more fun and essential to efficiency when braving the crowds. Once you have a list, choose someone with similar taste to avoid making extra stops.

5. Categorize and prioritize. Set aside some time to make a game plan with your shopping partner. Group items together by store or department and determine which ones on your lists are most important. When you arrive at your destination, split up to track down your top purchases.

6. Map your route. Once you have a starting point, work together to find the best routes from store to store within your city. Consider taking lesser-traveled back roads to avoid the major commotion.

7. Travel lightly. Whether it’s a cup of coffee to keep you caffeinated or a bulky purse filled with coupons and snacks, leave the non-essentials at home to minimize your baggage and maximize your mobility. Consider wearing clothing with lots of pockets for tucking away your cash, cards, and coupons.

8. Use store credit cards. Many stores offer special discounts for using their credit cards, which can save you big bucks on top of already great deals. To make the discount worthwhile, stick to your budget and avoid interest charges by paying your bill in full.

What are your tried-and-true Black Friday shopping strategies?

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