A Grandparent's Guide to Homeschooling

Grandparents can play an integral role in the homeschooling family, but unfortunately, many simply don't know how to help. Drawing on their past educational experience and unsure about daily homeschool routines, they may need assistance in understanding ways to get involved. With a wealth of knowledge and a lifetime of practical experiences just waiting to be patiently shared, grandpas and grandmas can take a family's homeschooling to a whole new level with these practical ideas:

  • Read books about homeschooling and get informed.
  • Look at your grandchildren's curriculum to see what they are studying.
  • Accompany your grandchildren on outings and field trips.
  • Offer to help with housework (laundry, housecleaning, meal preparation, yard work) or babysit so that your children will have more time preparing lesson plans.
  • Take your grandchildren with you to places where you volunteer.
  • Transport older grandchildren to special activities such as music or swimming lessons.
  • Purchase educational materials such as a telescope, a chemistry set, or the student microscopes sold at Alpha Omega Publications®.
  • Proudly display your grandchildren's school projects and artwork at home.
  • Take your grandchildren on weekly trips to the library and spend time reading books out loud.
  • Keep on the lookout for interesting community events and take your grandchildren to these activities.
  • Become a tutor in the subjects you know best and help with homework or school assignments.
  • Pass along your expertise. Grandpas can teach woodworking, car repair, and hunting while grandmas can teach music, a foreign language, gardening, and other homemaking skills.
  • Start a hobby related to your grandchildren's studies and then learn it together!
Do you live miles away from your grandchildren? Not a problem―you can still get involved using these creative ideas:
  • Become pen pals with your grandchildren and teach writing skills with letters or emails.
  • Subscribe your grandchildren to educational magazines and periodicals.
  • Purchase supplemental books and homeschooling resources. (Alpha Omega Publications has a huge selection of products at its Web Store.)
  • Send informative newspaper or magazine articles with handwritten comments or attach them to emails.
  • Stay in contact by phone. Discuss what your grandchildren are learning in their studies.
  • Install a webcam in your home and your grandchildren's to "see" what they're doing each time you call.
  • Visit often and schedule a time that works well to observe what they're learning during class time.
  • Have your grandchildren spend a week or two-week summer visit at your home and plan a multitude of educational experiences.
All children need grandparents who get involved in their lives, especially homeschoolers.

If your parents are unsure how to help, print or email this list and invite them to share in the homeschooling of their grandchildren. Chances are, you'll be surprised at how quickly your invitation is accepted!

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