AOP's Homeschool Parent of the Month

Have you ever felt unappreciated as a homeschool parent? Do you know of other hard-working homeschooling friends who've felt the same way? If so, now is your opportunity to make a difference by nominating fellow homeschoolers for AOP's Homeschool Parent of the Month.

Because Alpha Omega Publications® cares about Christian education and supporting homeschool parents, we encourage you to submit a name of a dedicated parent who is committed to homeschooling in your community. If selected, nominees will win a $50 AOP gift certificate that's good toward purchasing any AOP award-winning curriculum, including Switched-On Schoolhouse®, LIFEPAC®, Horizons, and The Weaver Curriculum®. Plus, they'll also be featured in a future edition of the Homeschool View™ monthly e-newsletter, so they can be recognized for their efforts in educating their children.

Have certain homeschoolers in mind you would like to nominate? Signing them up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just click on the link below to complete the nomination form and tell us why you think they should be chosen as AOP's Homeschool Parent of the Month. What makes them stand out as a spectacular homeschool parent? How many years and how many children have they homeschooled? How do they show concern or support for their family and other homeschoolers? Are they actively involved in their community and church? How have they personally touched your homeschooling family? Include a photo (optional) and information in 250 words or less that tells us how this individual stands apart as an extraordinary homeschooling parent.

So, why wait? Don't let this opportunity to recognize your fellow homeschoolers pass you by. Give your friends a month of fame and submit your nominee today!

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