Are You Listening?

Like many homeschooling mothers, I sat working at the kitchen table as my children worked on their schoolwork. Although I was supposed to be teaching, I was also doing several other jobs at the same time — washing clothes, cooking supper, and grading papers. As I snipped fresh green beans from our garden for our evening meal, my son asked me a question about his math. He was having difficulty with factoring numbers, and he needed my help.

"Mom," he said. "Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, I'm listening," I replied, not looking up from my work.

"But Mom, would you please listen to me with your eyes?" he quickly responded.

Looking up, I understood what he was really saying. He wanted my undivided attention.

Many times we, too, fail to give God our undivided attention. How many times do you coordinate the noon meal and the following day's activities in your mind while listening to the Sunday morning sermon? When you are praying with people in a Bible study group, does your mind wander to work and worries, or do you actually pray with the person who is speaking? Not focusing our thoughts on the sermon or the prayer requests can cause us to miss an important message.

Are the day's responsibilities distracting you from hearing God's voice today? Do your prayers seem to get stuck on the ceiling? Do you find yourself re-reading what you just read in the Bible and not getting anything from the passage? Stop and look up. Focus your eyes on the One who loves you most. He is waiting for your undivided attention, so He can teach you great and marvelous things. "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him" (2 Chronicles 16:9a).

Lord, forgive me for my halfhearted attempts at prayer and devotions. Teach me to honor You by diligently seeking You with all I am, so I may walk in Your perfect will today. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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SISTER L 12/02/2008 08:31:55

This last week was really busy as we published our December Mag at GGM. In church on Sunday I knew God was talking to me about this very same thing. Now today I got this in my inbox. Thank you very much.

OLUREMI F 12/02/2009 01:30:28

Lately, I have been struggling with fully focusing on God especially during my devotions. Thank you for this. I need to be jolted back to Him.

MICHAEL H 12/02/2009 05:07:01

This is my 18th Daily Focus since I hooked up with AOP. I definitely have a wandering mind that I have to bring into focus with my busy life. Today's Daily focus has brought my attention to this such that I will be thinking about it more often. But, I've been realizing that there is something about the Daily Focus that makes my mind wander. And that is that it is oriented towards women, and I am a single father of 5 children ages 8 - 15.

LINDA W 12/02/2010 03:33:27

I just want to know if you have a little fly on the wall of my home spying on me when you send these devotionals!! :) They are so many times the reality check I need daily. Thank you so much!

TAMARA H 12/02/2010 11:17:30

Thank you for your words to make this mom stop and think. I get so overwhelmed I dont focus on what I should.

KAYLENE S 01/19/2012 11:02:08

I have been homeschooling for over 10 years. I had the perfect work schedule so that I was home with the kids during the week. Several years ago I got hurt at work and had to have extensive back surgery. But, what a blessing because I was then home with the kids and they learned so much about helping and giving. This year I have returned to work, although now I have to work 8-5 Mon-Fri. I am no longer home with my children. My youngest son decided he wanted to try school, so he is now going to an amazing christian school. I still have 2 highschool aged girls that I feel I am so negelecting. My Mom has generously offered to step in. I struggle as so many parents do with how on earth do you give anyone undivided attention when there is no time. I miss my kids, I miss the time we had together, I miss being an integral part of their education. I praise God that he has put in place other options that are working wonderfully. I know that God's plan is the right plan. I probably didn't appreciate what I had in being able to be home with my kids. Not working is not an option for our family, as I am the primary earner. I pray for peace in where God has my family right now. But I really do miss being able to be home with my kids and giving them 'undivided attention'.

TRACEY D 12/02/2012 09:27:55

Amen and amen. I so identify with your devotion today and I admit that I am guilty. But thank the Lord that He sees my errors and forgives me! Thank you.

KATHY S 12/02/2012 21:29:58

Wow! Did this ever hit home for me! Thanks!

KATHY S 12/02/2012 21:32:59

P.S. Michael, Keppe up the good work. Not too many single Dads out there homeschooling. Welcome and keep going strong! Be Blessed!

Zell Young 12/02/2013 15:19:10

This is my first year of homeschooling my two kids. It is an honor and a challenge. I like to read the daily focus. It's really is a good reminder, but it appears they are focusing on one audience. And I clearly I understand why. Life take many strange turns and as it works out, it's me, the dad, doing the teaching honors in our house. I'll keep swapping “Dad” for “Mom” and reading on. There has to be more Dads teaching kids than we might think.

Jill Haselden 12/02/2013 17:40:36

Response to Michael H. - Wow you are a very brave man ! Not many men would take on such a challenge. My husband and I homeschool our children together with me doing most of the teaching and him doing the stuff i couldnt get done for the day. You and your children will surely be in our prayers because it is challenging to homeschool with my husband helping me and I couldnt imagine doing it without his help. And we surely would not want to do it without Gods help ! God Bless You :)

simona blankenship 12/02/2013 21:09:51

Thank you for sharing. I needed that today.

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