Ask and You Will Receive

What would you ask for as a homeschooling parent if you could have anything you wanted? Most homeschoolers might ask for more curriculum, a maid, or even unlimited hours to sleep. As wonderful as receiving each of these requests might be, the great responsibility we have in teaching our children should move us to ask for something of far greater value — wisdom. After all, who of us can ever teach and lead our children with only our limited understanding?

In the Old Testament, King Solomon realized his limitations in leading the nation of Israel, too. When God visited Solomon in a dream in Gibeon, He told him to "Ask what I shall give thee" (1 Kings 3:5). Solomon could have asked for long life, his enemies to be destroyed, or riches untold, but he didn't. Instead, Solomon asked for an understanding heart and discernment to judge the people (vs. 9). God was so pleased with this request that He not only gave Solomon the wisdom he asked for, but He also gave Solomon what he could have asked for as well.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder what you should teach your children? Homeschooling requires time and effort in preparation, but it also takes a supernatural wisdom that only comes from God. He knows the lessons that are most important for your children to learn, and He wants to lead you as you teach them. God gives a wonderful promise in James 1:5 for those who lack wisdom in homeschooling: "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." Why not claim His promise today? Ask and you will receive more wisdom and blessings than you can imagine.

Lord, thank You for the privilege of teaching my children. I humbly come before You and acknowledge that I need Your wisdom. Fill me with Your understanding and show me the best way to homeschool my children. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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ELIZABETH J 03/04/2010 08:57:19

I would settle for a wise maid, if I had to! thnx for the post.

A K 03/04/2011 08:24:07

What a timely devotional! We have been waiting on God for His provision - which I know will come- when I see this headline. And lately, God has really been showing me how much I am nothing on my own. Especially when the day ends in tears because of 'my' wisdom. But when I've been transformed by the renewing of my mind and have the mind of Christ and His wisdom - it is simply amazing to see how much different the day goes by!

DANIELLE S 03/04/2011 13:07:34

I'm not sure I would have been as wise as Solomon to ask for wisdom. Lately I have really struggled with strength, wisdom and patience. I have been sick and weak and have major underlining health problems. I fear not being hear for my 3 young children and I find myself praying for a long life despite my health problems. Please pray for me that I can look past my fear and health and live while I am here (with wisdom) instead of fearing being gone. I will be praying for you all as well. With love. Dani

ARACELIS W 03/04/2011 19:25:44

Elizabeth....ditto on that one...and a wise cook, wise yardman, wise dog walker.....on and on....thanks for the humor

MIA M 03/04/2012 06:16:51


I woke up one day Jan08 ,in a hospital. The Dr.s said I had a stroke, I was 41 and a single parent. My youngest was 2 going on 3. I have 3 children also. I couldn't walk, couldn't talk ,I couldn't do alot of things. I had only 2 things in my mind Psalms 91 and Isaih 41. I was determined that the devil wouldn't win! This is a scripture I taught my children "

New International Version (1984)

I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done. Psalms 118:17 When I could read again(words were going in circles)I read healing scriptures Exod 15:26 | Exod 23:25-26 | Deut 7:15 | Ps 91:9-10 | Ps 103:1-5 | Ps 107:19-20 | Prov 4:20-23 | Isa 41:10 | Isa 53:4-5 | Isa 55:9-11 | Isa 58:6-11 | Jer 30:17 | Mal 3:6 Mal 4:2-3

New Testament

Matt 7:7-11 | Matt 8:16-17 | Matt 9:35 | Matt 15:30-31 | Mark 11:22-24 | Mark 16:17-18 | Luke 4:17-19 | Luke 9:1-2 | Luke 10:8-9 | Luke 13:16 | Acts 4:29-30 Acts 5:15-16 | Acts 10:38 | Gal 3:13 | James 5:13-16 | 1 John 5:14-15 | 3 John 2

Speak over your and your children's life what God says about you not what the devil says about you Jeremiah 29:11.

God bless you sister,


LYNN S 03/04/2012 10:41:36

Very wise counsel here from other Moms who have been through the fire.

If I may add my experience, a few years ago I was going through a rough stretch that seemed endless. My Mom had cancer, I had two little girls, My marriage was not healthy and I was getting sick all of the time. When I was at my worst (rock bottom), I was given scripture that I repeated all throughout the day over and over. It was my ''focal point).

I also put my pride aside and asked people to pray for me, later my family. I "knew" I was not going to make it. Too much pain, mentally, physically,

and emotionally. Slowly but surely I found out that I was under a Satanic attack. Even those especially close to me were being used by Satan to speak condemnation over me. I had to come into agreement with Jesus that I had to stop and go in another direction.

That was hard to do but with no other choice but leaving two daughters behind, I surrendered "completely" to Jesus. I began to pray as I was led to pray and meditate on God's word. Proverbs 3:5 and 6 became my greatest source of direction and Psalm 23 a great source of comfort.

Jesus began to open my eyes to see and understand spiritual warefare.

I studied Ephesians and the book of Psalm. I began to see my enemies all around me but mostly in my own heart and mind. As my mind became renewed and I learned to forgive myself and others and I surrendered everything Jesus asked, My body began to heal and My spirit began to lift.

Jesus is not finished with me yet but today I do not suffer from Depression.

I no longer need therapy or medication. I eat better. My marriage is on the mend. Some of those "enemys" are no longer a part of my everyday life.

They no longer have power to discourage or mislead me. I take direction and comfort from the Spirit of Christ in my mind and heart not food, t.v. or

any outward source. Yes, some of these changes were definatly a sacrifice, surprising to many, but amazingly as the alternative was still very real to me, it was mostly easier than I had thought.

Today I am Home educating our two daughters, involved in every area of ministry Jesus wants me. (that is another testemony)

There are victories not defeats now.

There is hope Danielle S. Much hope to be found. I will pray for you and every lady here who posted. These post inspire and encourage us everyday.

Even as I share this post I am still amazed at the many changes Jesus has taken me through. The rewards are more spiritual than physical and that is okay. I learned how to forgive quickly, extend mercy effortlessly and be slow to respond to offensive words. I tell my daughters the words and actions of others are a clue to the condition of their heart and mind. If evil pray for them if loving thank Jesus for them.

Love and hugs and sweet prayers to all. One final note. I learned to praise Jesus and be thankful NO MATTER WHAT.

The bad, the good, the challenging, the trials. Lean on God's promise that he will work out all things for our good, not evil...His plans are better than any we can imagine. He will meet all of our needs....

RHONDA F 03/04/2012 12:33:55

God has not given you a spirit of fear. Whatever you focus on is what you will be drawn to. You have to determine to keep your focus on Jesus and God's glorious throne of grace especially during your time of suffering. It is a battle. But you have to be more determined than the devil, knowing that Jesus has already given you the victory.

May the grace of our Lord comfort and strengthen you and your family members each and every day.

P.S. Maybe you could try just reading scriptures to your children, discussing bible stories and make that classtime for a while. Or let them read scriptures to you instead, if they're old enough to read. It could be very rewarding!

KATHY SPIELER 03/04/2013 12:12:20

Godn and our Health.

Without God, and Without our health, we hsve nothing.

Fancy curricilum and a maid sound great, but I have learned that with out the Lord, and my very strong faith to believe that the Lord will in fact heal our little family, I really would have no hope.

Thank you Jesus that you give us all another day by your mercy and your grsce. I pray that you continnue to heal us all and give us much mnore time here until we one day meet. In Jesus name. Amen.

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