Behind the Scenes: AOP Employee Spotlight

At AOP, we have the pleasure of working with a passionate team who is committed to the overall well-being of our customers. Since you don’t get to come to work with us and meet all our wonderful folks, we want to introduce a few of them.

Today’s employee spotlight is on Madelyn. At some point, you may have even talked to her at a convention or on the phone, since Madelyn works in our Iowa office as a customer service representative.

Why did you decide to work at AOP?
I started working at AOP just doing conventions, for the opportunity to travel and have a meaningful career. After a few months of conventions, I realized the direct impact I was able to have, in Christian education, working with these families. When I was offered a job working in the office full time, I was excited to get to influence brand new homeschoolers every single day.

What do you like about working at AOP?
Getting to talk to the families themselves. Hearing their stories and being a direct influence in helping them succeed; not just academically, but spiritually, with a good education, is the best part of each day.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working at AOP?
Anything outdoors! I love walking, camping, playing softball, and just being outside. I also love traveling and reading books on history and theology.

What is something you wish customers could know about you?
I was homeschooled my whole life from K-12, so I know the struggles and successes of a homeschool family, and I really do care very deeply about our customers’ success, year after year—not just in the short term.

Being one of 11 kids, I’ve seen just about every homeschool situation out there, and I understand that some families need unique things to make homeschooling work for them. I love helping meet that need.

What advice do you have for homeschooling families?
Stay the course! The first year of homeschooling will seem a little out of control and overwhelming, but you can do this! Don’t be discouraged by the bumps along the road; whether it’s folks who don’t understand your decision to homeschool, lots of curriculum options to choose from, or “life” that comes up. Take a deep breath and remember that giving your student a solid Christian education is the most important and rewarding work of all.

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