Behind the Scenes: Meet AOP Employee Katie Rasch

Since you don’t get to come to work with us and meet all our wonderful employees, we’re doing a series of employee spotlights to introduce you to some of our folks who are deeply committed to the well-being of our customers.

Today’s employee spotlight is on Katie. If you’ve ever watched one of our Facebook live videos or attended a Monarch webinar, you would have had the pleasure of learning from Katie’s expertise and basking in her bubbly personality.

Why did you decide to work at AOP?
AOP was recommended to me by a forever friend servicing the national education Community. AOP’s vision and mission were a beautiful fit with my faith, personal beliefs, education philosophy, and varied 30 years of teaching and business experience. Working at AOP provided an opportunity for me to give back, expand my knowledge base, and work with an established and growing company.

What do you like about working at AOP?
The Customers and my colleagues! I love the people that surround me each day. I also like the ability to use all of my experiences, whether skill-based or Christ-centered encouragement/interpersonal gifts. I can be both creative and structured, come alongside or lead, and I have the opportunity to contribute to growth and new experiences.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working at AOP?
Like almost everyone, I like to spend time with family, hanging out with my young adult grown twin boys or walking my faithful dog, Sugar, who is as sweet as her name. I love to traveling to see people and enjoy interesting places along the way. I also enjoy casual painting and dance exercise, as well as productions, musicals, movies, reading a book cover-to-cover, and food. I love other people’s cooking and Sweet Barbacoa Taco Tuesdays!

What is something you wish customers could know about you?
In my mind, I will always be 22 or hanging with my 10 to 14-year-olds (such awesome times). Life has always been complicated, but that doesn’t make it bad. Returning alone from a foreign country with a poorly packed diaper bag and twin 5-month-old boys makes for an interesting start into the season of solo parenting. Someday I should write a book :).

What advice do you have for homeschooling families?
Remind yourself to KISS often! Keep It Simple Silly! Math and language arts are skill sets. If you have methodical movement through these two subjects and a future “basic plan” for all other content, you are good to go! I believe deep in my heart that there is no one-way, cookie-cutter answer to the way we raise our kids which includes educating them for their success in today’s world. Enjoy being you, let your kids enjoy being themselves, and know that in the end, love covers all!

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