Call the Yellow Bus

“Well, I guess you’d better quit. Just call the school and have them send the little yellow bus to pick up your kids tomorrow,” I said sarcastically to my friend who was discouraged after a long week of homeschooling. These were certainly not the most encouraging words to say to a fellow homeschooler, but it was effective. Responding with a renewed commitment to homeschool, she sought the Lord’s guidance and changed her curriculum to better fit her daughters’ learning styles.

As homeschoolers, we’ve all been at the place of wanting to throw in the towel. Satan provides numerous temptations and reasons for us to quit homeschooling our children. However, God’s Word says, “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62b). We need to be steadfast and not give up when our children complain, other people slander, and daily chores become too much. Looking back takes our eyes off the One who can lead us through a difficult time, and we simply need to ask God to make a way through the problems: “For your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him” (Matthew 6:8b).

My friend still remembers that turning point in her homeschooling. Hopefully, you’ll be gentler than me as you encourage other homeschoolers. There is a promise waiting to be received for instructing our children at home — godly children and godly parents! “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward. For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise” (Hebrews 10:35-36).

Jesus, my strength to homeschool is in You alone. Only Your wisdom can help me teach Your children what they need to learn. Provide the encouragement I need today and help me hold fast to the promises You give in Your Word. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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SISTER L 08/25/2008 00:29:39

ha! No yellow school bus for us thank you very much! As a matter of fact, the more people try to convince us of 'schooling' either public or private, we cringe and become even more convinced that we are to homeschool. Great verses! Thank you. Sisterlisa

CHRISTINE M 08/25/2009 05:57:54

I so need that word of encouragement today. I so feel like throwing in the towel every day almost..... but i know God had called me to do this.....homeschooling 3 kids gets a little overwhelming sometimes...... CMR

MELINDA C 08/25/2009 08:06:34

I didn't like this devotional at all. I think she was incredibly cruel to her friend. I would think as a Christian homeschool mom she would have responded with the love of Christ instead of meanness. This is no easy task and if she had spoken to me like that we would no longer be friends. You go through different seasons in life, children change, their needs change, and you can live somewhere where the homeschool group is almost non existent. How about you just tell your child to get over it when he says he's lonely? I am in fact considering sending my son back to school next year. If it happens to work for him then great, but if he finds home was better then we'll bring him back home. Families have to do what's best for their children - not what the homeschooling public says or what others who are against homeschooling say. For me it's about meeting each of my child's individual needs.

PAULA A 08/27/2009 06:06:17

Responding with the love of Christ doesn't always mean that it's gonna be pretty and sweet. The word of God isn't always real sweet. Just like God's Word the truth will sometimes get on our toes. That is when it does us the most good. Each family needs to do what God is calling them to - however I do feel that if going back to public school was what God wanted then it wouldn't be a matter of "If it happens to work" and especially wouldn't be what the child decided they liked. I am all about meeting the needs of my children - but I will continue to do so under God's will - taking no thought to what they think they might like better. I really appreciate this devotion. Just as it states in Luke 9:62 - Our hand is on the plow and there is no looking back now! Plow on home school moms!! God wants our total dedication. We can't pick and choose among what God commands us to do and follow them selectively. Focus on Jesus!!!

EVIE P 08/27/2009 19:35:09

To Christine, The best encouragement that I've found is in the Lord! I have 3 kids too and one on the way! I just know that what He has called me to do, He will give me the grace and ability to walk out. I am very dependent upon Him all- day- long. I can't rest in my own "ability" but I need His grace. In fact, today was one of the worst days!!!! I just keep going back to the word and back to my knees!! I don't know about anyone else, but I can't survive without the Lord!!! To do the "simple" task of walking in love and training my children in the right way is IMPOSSIBLE in my own strength. Just keep leaning upon the Lord, He will strengthen you. Even if you can't get everything done, just walking in His peace and joy makes the day go smoother. I know it's easier said than done, that's why I have the fruits of the spirit posted on my door to remind me. When it's all said and done, it's all about shaping their little hearts for the Lord anyway!! I remind myself daily of that. Evie Palmer

MELINDA C 08/30/2009 10:10:28

I'm going to unsubscribe from these devotions. I know where to look for true Christian support and it isn't here. God does not work in all of our lives the same way. Fortunately for me He is more loving than people.

DEBBIE S 09/01/2009 08:14:54

New to this, homeschooling and this blog, I just wanted to share my thoughts ion the controversy started by the "Call the Yellow Bus" comment. My friends know me so well that they instinctivly know when I need hand-holding or when I need a swift kick! And, some days I may even need both. I'll not criticize either writers, only add that we don't know the exact relationship between the author and her gal pal. Some days I really need a strong friend to point out that I'm just "not getting it" and other days I need a strong shoulder and sympathetic ear. I'm totally blessed to know that my friends understand this and give me the advice and help I need in the manner I need it most at the time.

Aldy D 08/25/2010 07:49:09

Hi, The last year, in the middle of weird circuntances in my life, I felt I won't to do homeschool any more. But, I went to the prayer altar in home, and I received strenght in my life from the Lord. Truly, He is Our Strenght when we feel quit! He gave me the encorage to keep going in homeschool and I share this with you today...Don't be afraid...The Lord is Good, always is with us and He understand perfectly how we feel, and give us His Power and Love to keep going in everything!!! God Bless you. (Sorry for my English, I'm trying my best, Thanks).

Laury G 08/25/2010 11:01:44

Hi Melinda I think that it is so sad that you take all that so personal. All this is sharing. For homeschooling I really think that it is a choice and not a call! I know i am not called for this. I want to do it and it will be very hard for me who is not organized and far from being a teacher. I think it will be good for my son. God also tells us to persevere in our commitment because he knows that it is the best for us and our family. I think that some woman or situation are not appropriate for homeschooling. It is all a matter of communicating with your child, and judge what is best for him or her.

ADINA H 08/25/2010 16:35:42

I have been homeschooling for 9yrs-not everyday is a sunny picture of homechooling bliss in our home. There have been many days that I have questioned my sanity-and whether I did hear the 'call' to homeschool. There are days I cry in exhaustion/fustration; most days I am just grateful for the mercy of the Lord and the privilege I have had in being a part of my children's learning. One thing has remained consistent..good (friend) support is hard to find. I must agree with Debbie S.; there is no criticizm here. But I do know that I too have had friends that cry with me in understanding on the days I am overwhelmed-and friends that have thrown harsh truths at me when I was over the top in my complaints...I can honestly say I have NEEDED both types of support to stay on track. Even now after all these years, I waiver, with concern over the coming year. My 'gentle friends' tell me that if I need to stop this year, I should be proud of continuing our homeschool this long; but am reminded by my 'tough firiends', that the cost of quitting now may be a higher price than I am willing to pay. Neither are wrong or want me fail-they just look at things from a different perspective. Thankfully, God knows which friend I need and when I need

S. DAWN C 08/25/2011 05:39:28

I'm with Adina on this one. Sometimes it's the nasty comment"even from a Christian friend"that will spur me on. I think the devotionals on AOP reflect REALITY, and it's sad that Melinda C took offense to it. I personally have said some of these nasty comments to MYSELF! So it made me shrink a little inside, and the verse quoted, Luke 9:62b is exactly what I needed to think to myself..."OH this is the wrong attitude and decision!" I like these devotionals. They don't always apply to me personally, but I think they're great examples of real people and real reactions. Keep it up, AOP.

ROBYN B 08/25/2011 09:19:47

I\'ve been back and forth on homeschooling for a while. It really can be overwhelming. But it seems like every time I make up my mind to quit, the Lord convicts me through people or situations. When you get ready to stop, wait just a little bit longer and see what the Lord does. If he wants you to continue, he\'ll let you know. And sometimes life is a little easier if you let things just roll off your back.

SONYA S 08/25/2011 09:56:15

I love the comic relief a good friend can provide. Melinda seems to be misunderstanding that. Did she expect a perfect, Jesus-like editor? It\'s interesting you are attacking a spirit-filled editor and then turn around and say you plan to put your child into public school. You should probably stop commenting and seek guidance from your Bible on parents teaching their children..diligently..all the time, as you go about your day. How can you shepherd a child when they aren\'t with you? You reap what you sow..what are you sowing when your kids are led by constant exposure to a godless system? Are you homeschooling for biblical reasons? Take care to pray and please make a spirit-led decision. Your kids will thank you when they\'re grown.

JENNIFER H 08/25/2011 11:58:55

Last fall was extremely challenging for our home school. I threatened and really considered sending my kids (3, 7, 9, and 11 yr.) to public school. We took a week off of school while I \"re-grouped\" and prayed. Through prayer I came to a valuable conclusion. I decided, just like divorce is not a permissible word in our marriage, public school would not be an option in our home school. Once I took the \"out\" of the table it made me focus on the issues causing the turmoil in our homeschool program. We adjusted our hearts, and worked together to make things better. This year we are starting our 8th year and it\'s our best year ever! I\'m so excited, the kids are having fun!

JENNIFER H 08/25/2011 12:04:58

I would like to add, once I started focusing on the blessings in my life instead of all of the challenges our homeschooling hearts really turned around.

CHERYL L 08/25/2011 13:37:15

This is my first year homeschooling our 11 year old daughter and so far these devotionals have helped me. Its like they come just when needed the most. Thanks and keep up the good work and encouraging words.

NANCY M 08/25/2011 15:02:17

Melinda is right. People are incredibly self-centered and cruel. It is hard to find nice people. Sometimes Christians can be worse than atheists about being nice. But, Melinda, if you are out there, I\'m still listening and would like to hear more about what you think. You made a good point that sometimes we need to step back and assess if homeschooling is still right for our child. Sometimes these devotionals are good and sometimes, like this one, she\'s just using her life experience albeit a bad one, to write some inspiration she thinks might help someone out there. I prefer more concrete information than these subjective articles so I take them as a grain of salt..filter between my ears so to speak and see what if anything I can use in my own journey.

ANNA S 08/25/2011 18:18:45

He is doing Switched-on Schoolhouse. We\'re getting so discourged. I dont know if we\'re doing things right. Can someone help me with Switched On Schoolhouse? thanks for listening

JO A 08/25/2011 18:43:02

Passionate homeschoolers can be an odd and sometimes unforgiving lot. My darling daughter will be attending *gasp* public school this year. I\'ve always homeschooled her and she will be entering high school. I expect to get some flack from some homeschool moms. But homeschooling isn\'t necessarily for every family at every stage. When a friend told me that she would pray for me I lightly suggested that although I appreciated her prayers that this was my husband\'s decision and I had no problem submitting to that. I think as Christians we ought to be careful in expressing our opinion of how God\'s will works in the lives of others. We must confront on sin and clearly unbiblical living - but I don\'t think sending a child to school is a defining factor. Personally I wonder if I may have been out of God\'s will by homeschooling. I knew my husband preferred her to be in school and just tolerated my homeschooling. Our family is more at peace because my husband and I are more in accord - because I KNOW submitting to my husband is biblical.

KRISTA F 08/25/2011 21:09:59

Hi Melinda, If you are still there. I noticed you said child and not children. This is my first year to home school my social butterfly and only child. Academically I think it is very good for her, but I do question whether keeping her at home is best. She was in a really good, small private school. She\'s known all 30 kids in her grade since pre-K. That being said, our local co-ops and home school groups haven\'t really kicked off yet. Still I can\'t help but question everyday if keeping her from her friends at school is harmful We had decided to home school for certain by 6th grade, when \"friends\" can have negative influences, but for now she is only a 4th grader. I haven\'t found many parents of only children out there who HS, so I have no one to turn to for a soundboard. I agree that every family has to make this choice for themselves, and it is no one\'s place to make that judgement for them. I did appreciate this, as I have been struggling. One day goes great, the next is a struggle. I needed this, but I understand your feelings.

CINDY G 08/26/2011 05:22:55

Ok, this is my first time ever responding to anything like this and though I know that I \'m a day late , I must say something. My husband and I are the parents of 8 children. We currently homeschool 5. Homeschooling was definitely something God called us to do. We did not start homeschooling because we thought we could do a better job than the public schools (frankly we didn\'t know what public schools were doing), we didn\'t start because we felt we needed to be close to our children 24 hrs a day. We started because we believe that our Father God knows all , has a specific plan for each of our lives, and in order for that plan to be carried out, specific things must be done. So, one morning during prayer God said \"Homeschool.\" Inadequate doesn\'t begin to describe my feelings. I had NO idea what I was doing, and the support group I joined wasn\'t exactly helping me get answers to the questions that burned in my heart. For YEARS I felt alone and frustrated. Each year I felt I had failed my children and God. What I faced was a mountain of insecurity standing in the way of homeschooling freedom. I didn\'t have a close friend to encourage me (besides my husband). Another mother going what I was going through would have been a gift to me (homeschooling, raising a family, helping my husband in business). Yet, God broke through the insecurity and gave me insight to teaching my children. I could be in bed looking up at the ceiling or maybe just coming out of sleep, and He would speak to me \"teach it like this\", or He would open my mind to understand a concept I was having a hard time with. Yes there were times when I thought maybe someone else would do this better than me, but then I would remember that I didn\'t make this decision on my own. Not even my husband could relieve me of my duties. No my God gave me this responsibility, and HE knows how much I can bear. I don\'t. I don\'t know me tomorrow , or a week from now , or 5 years from now, but God does. He sees my success. It\'s why He put the task at my hands. He knew I would seek Him and He would answer and equip me , finishing the work HE started. I know this is long, but to my other point. I don\'t understand how a statement like \"Well you better quit. Call the yellow bus.....\" is a friend buster. I may be missing it , but I just don\'t see it. When I read the Bible and came across some of the statements (basically insults) made by Jesus to some people trying to get them to see the truth, I thought \'Whoa\". When I think about some of the \"extreme\" choice words spoken by God through His prophets to his beloved, chosen people when they were struggling with their commitment to Him, I fail to see how this statement comes close. The fact that we don\'t know the entire conversation between these two friends tells us we can\'t judge by this statement alone. The point is seek God , don\'t give up just because things get insane sometimes. If God does want a family to homeschool , do we think Satan is just going to stand by waste a good opportunity to drive them nuts and far away from God? I pray we all seek God to know His will, to receive His direction . I pray that as the scripture says , we would submit out ways unto the Lord and trust Him to direct our paths. God Bless, Cindy G

CORY M 09/08/2011 23:00:05

I really enjoyed reading Call the Yellow Bus. Words of encouragement! I decided one year to put my 2 children in public school. My oldest was in his first year of middle school, my other in grade school. It was a disaster mostly. There were horrible things they were seeing & hearing at such young ages and other things that happened that were horrible. Satan is running rampant in our schools! One day, on the way driving to pick them up from school, God spoke to me & said, \"Take them out or they\'ll be lost.\" Plain & simple words like a brick wall smacked me in the face. I took them out of school & have homeschooled since. I never could have made a better decision.

SARA J 08/25/2012 05:08:22

Loved this devotional. Sometimes there\'s nothing like a statement like that to jolt one out of a pity party! With a close friend it can be very effective. Let\'s keep our eyes on Jesus for encouragement and direction, and let\'s be a source of encouragement and motivation to our friends in this journey as well!

RENEE T 08/25/2012 05:10:48

Thank you AOP for being real with these devotionals. I have found them to be inspiring and challenging. I look forward to reading these each morning. They encourage me to stay the course God has called me to. Thank you!

INGRID N 08/25/2012 06:22:41

Anna S, what grade is your son doing SOS? I noticed that my son needed to read and work out of books during the elementary years. The computer was too distracting and difficult for him. During the Jr. High years I had my daughter work in most of her subjects through SOS and it was great! She didn\'t always finish assignments on their time schedule but that was ok. I liked that she could see what was due, what was coming, and that it graded most of her work. While she was on SOS, I was able to work with my son who is 4 years younger. He is going into 4th grade. I think I will wait until 6th grade to have him use SOS. Try not to get discouraged when you see a bunch of things due, just take it one day at a time. I hope this helps you in deciding what will work for you. God Bless, Ingrid

BECKYSUE R 08/25/2012 08:55:42

Wow, this is exactly what I needed today. Just last night I was going over my youngest daughters progress that was made for the week. I was SOOOO DISCOURAGED to find that it just wasnt working the way we had planned. Yes, thoughts of the yellow school bus ran through my head again this week. I felt like an utter failure, but I didn\'t voice my thoughts to shield my daughter from the way I precieved the situation. Later last night Bayley came to me and said \"I don\'t feel like this curriculum is working out like I had thought it would.\" \"I know things are tight but I think it would work better for me with the curriculum that Bradi has, can I trade mine in for that type?\" I told her it would be tricky but I would see what I could do (in my mind I was wondering if she was making excuses and stalling to give her more time time to play around.) While I play with this concept I am wondering how I could trade an open but complete set of life pac for switched on school house. If any one has advice I would love some.

SAMUEL C 08/25/2012 09:16:09

That is a great devotional! I needed it! I needed the Yellow Bus statement to add to the wake up calls this year. God always brings me back to the same statement, \"I know your son, I know my design for his life, remember I am the creator your are the instructor to reach that design\". God bless you all for your determination to raise your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord at the Lord\'s leading! Keep your faith it works every time! Sam, the home school Dad of Joshua Issac our conquering son that brings laughter.

SAMUEL C 08/25/2012 09:17:48

Don\'t forget to rate this devotional at the top of the page

MARYJOY A P 08/25/2012 12:22:57

To Samuel C... I love that statement, I think God just used you to speak to me.

KATHY S 08/25/2012 17:28:18

This was a very good devotional. Sometimes we need to \"sugarcoat\" things, and sometimes we need a \"push\" to make a decision. Whatever that decision may be. I personally believe that homeschool is best. The abuse that goes on in both Public and Private schools is outrageous. Although I think Melinda took this devotional a little to hard, I also see some pain or a feeling that she is being \"torn\" in some way. I will pray for you Melinda, people usually don\'t react so\" critically\" of a simple devotional unless something is going on. It sounds like your child is expressing lonliness for other children? And there are no co-ops available to you? Pray about it, ask God to provide friends for your son, and guide you, he won\'t let you or your son down. I think peoples negative reactions to your blog were because you criticized the Author, who was only telling \"Her Story\". Being it is her story, she should be allowed to tell it the way it transpired. Whether you agree wiith her or not, it\'s her story. Just as if you were to write a story about something in your life, you would tell it the way it happened, I know I would. I personally think this Author is very good. Just the simple fact that we have someplace to go and read someones elses experiences with homeschooling is a blessing, Especially for me, this is only my 2nd year. There are alot of different things that are written that perhaps I do differently than the Author. The T.V. discussion for instance, to me as long as it\'s holsum T.V. I have no problem, other people do. That\'s o.k., we all are made differently with different opinions and ways of doing things. But God unites us as one in the fact that we are\"Christians\". May God Bless all who have read this devotional today! Thank you Jesus! Amen.

JODI N 08/27/2012 06:36:55

I think one of the most important things we need to remember as homeschooling families is that it doesn\'t have to be perfect. If your homeschool day didn\'t work out to be perfect, it\'s ok. Did your kids still receive education anyway? Probably so! Don\'t fret over imperfect school days.

Marielly Ramos 08/25/2014 13:48:16

Blessed is the woman who is able to educate her children from home! I struggle when three to four times out of the week I have to let my children go to go to work, I have to leave them in the hands of others and hope for the best, I worry that someone may not have the patience to understand my children, I worry that my children may not be treated with the love they deserve, not to mention how it breaks my hearts as my youngest clings on to me when I have to go. My youngest is three years old, my middle child is 12, my oldest is 18. A few weeks ago I was sick and I decided to stay home for the week so I called out of work. I noticed that in just three days of my constant presence my children were overwhelmed with joy. I felt such peace to know how much I was needed and loved, to be honest the drag of having to constantly cook was a feeling that left me thinking "does it really have to be this way if I were home more often" having to cook then clean up, play with the children, tidy up, not to mention I had no time to play sick while I was home. But everytime my toddler ran up to me and hugged my thigh and filled it with multiple kisses, the cooking and the dishes were no match for him! oh what joy to love and be loved, I could only dream of the opportunity to home instruct my children according to Gods demands. This is a dream to me, as I am the provider and sole parent in my home, If I do not work, we lose our home and we do not eat, this is not an option in my family, just a dream. Be greatful to the Lord that you are able! I wanted to share something with you....Last week afterwork I went to the daycare to pick up my toddler, I notice a little boy playing in the play kitchen wearing a dress and some heels and he had a spatula, I asked one of the teachers "why is he wearing that"? she said oh he loves it, then she approached him and encouraged him to dance (like a lady!). I soon realized I cannot keep this up, I have to find a way, I have been praying for over three years for the opportunity, If you do not instruct your children! someone else will! No parent should be prepared for those consequences,this shouldn't even be an option! chances are the little boys mom probably has no idea he enjoys impersonating women. While this in the meantime is innocent, if not dealt with can turn into an identity crisis for the cute little one. Or peer pressure, or bullying. Another thing I wanted to share, last school year on a day I was supposed to work, I decided to call and work from home that day. It so happens as my little girl is walking home from the school bus, I am peeking out the window with my toddler to greet her, I notice she is walking with an unusual large group of children, she is yelling and they are following her with an iphone recording her! apparently they were getting a kick out of her anger. She was walking towards our home and then I notice she turned and was about to walk the opposite direction. I banged on the window and the group of children ran away. She then directed herself towards home and told me all about it. My daughter was about to become the victim of bullying, (HAD I NOT BEEN HOME!) I was furious, I immediately got myself and my toddler ready and started knocking on some doors, trust me the parents knew how upset I was, I threatened to contact the authorities if all parties didn't co-operate, the parents were helpful and I was able to locate the boy with the recording. Thank God I took immediate action as the boy was in such fear that he immediatly erased the video to spare himself, when me and the mom confiscated the phone there was nothing on the device. My daughter was about to become a victim this is not a chance anyone should be willing to take, please ask God for guidance, but don't give up. My best advice to you is don't look at the life of others, look at your own, don't worry about others opinions, worry about Gods opinion. It's ok to have a mess once in a while don't deprive your children of their childhood, play with them, enjoy them, because one day you will have to let go.

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