Capitalize on Homeschool High School Opportunities

By the time homeschoolers reach high school, they have a better understanding of what their passions are and as parents, you can invest in their blossoming interests. Observe what makes your child perk up and what he or she is spending extra time doing. High school is an opportune time to explore career options without the pressure of having to make major decisions. Check off some of the career and college opportunities below with your high schooler.

Explore with electives: With Alpha Omega Publications, a vast amount of electives are available at your fingertips. Taking a variety of electives helps your learner broaden his or her education and experience a range of interests. Electives are a fun addition to the core subjects and provide an alternative to everyday academics.

Go on college visits: Make a list of the top four or five colleges that your child is interested in and make it a priority to visit them. It’s important to visit a college during the academic year, so you can see what the everyday college life is like. Colleges have prospective student visit days, which are a good time to have all your questions answered. However, be aware that schools usually have special meals and activities on these days which are typically not a part of college students’ daily experience on campus.

Shadow a professional: Job shadowing is invaluable for high schoolers because they get the chance to see both the daily tasks and responsibilities that are highlighted in career spotlights and the less exciting parts of the job, such as paperwork or customer complaints. Ask your child’s mentor, a professional in your church or co-op, or anybody you know who is an established businessperson in your child’s field of interest to let your child shadow them. Make sure your child writes a personalized thank you note after the job shadowing.

Get a part-time job: Working in high school teaches financial responsibility, time-management, and maturity. Help your child find a part-time job in the industry he or she is interested in, whether it is a grocery store, pet shop, or clothing store. Understanding the basic business process for a specific field can be beneficial when searching for a job later in life.

Take an online class: We are living in a world rich in technology, so taking an online class equips your child with computer skills and an understanding of the online class process. Online classes give high schoolers the freedom to have flexibility in their schedule as they take on a part-time job or go on college visits.

Explore earning college credits: Your child can tackle college classes and save money while still in high school by earning college credits online or on a college campus. High schoolers can complete general education classes before heading to college or even start specialized classes in their field of interest while still in high school.

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