Celebrate 100 Days of Homeschool

Traditionally, the 100th day of your homeschool year occurs sometime in February. This unique day allows you to take time to reflect on what is working well and your goals for the rest of the year. Students can also reflect on areas where they have succeeded and where improvement may be needed.

While the 100th day is a great time to reflect, it is also a time for celebration! Celebrate 100 days of homeschool and engage in the festivities with this list of fun-filled activities.

1. Find 100 of an item. Your student can visualize what 100 of something actually looks like when you count 100 of a certain small item. Examples include cereal pieces, pennies, candy, buttons, or anything else you imagine.

2. Create a 100th day of homeschool poster. Have your child brainstorm a list of 100 acts of kindness and list them on a decorative poster.

3. Make a chain of 100 paperclips. Hook together 100 paperclips and show your child how far the chain reaches. Use a tape measure or yard stick to measure the total length. If you don’t have paper clips, make your own paper garland.

4. Dress up as a 100-year-old. You and your child can both participate in this fun activity. Wear a wig, suspenders, or glasses and even add a cane. You can also challenge students to write about what they think life will be like when they turn 100.

5. Build a tower of 100. Stack anything from building blocks, Legos, or plastic cups. How high can your tower go without falling over?

6. Have a scavenger hunt. Hide 100 numbered items around the house and give your child clues as to where to find each item. Celebrate once all 100 are found.

7. Read 100 books. Challenge your child with the task of reading 100 books by the end of the school year or summer.

8. Complete a spelling activity. Ask students to write down 100 words they know how to spell.

9. Make a 100-day snack. Find 10 different food items that can be mixed together for a tasty treat Try fish crackers, raisins, chocolate chips, and pretzels for starters).

10. Do 100 exercises to start the day. Have your child do different exercises like push-ups, sit-ups or jumping jacks until 100 is reached.

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