Celebrate National Coffee Day with This Fun Fall Craft

Celebrate National Coffee Day with This Fun Fall Craft

Fall is the perfect season for crafts and coffee. Everywhere you look, the colors are vibrant and inspiring, and there’s nothing quite like savoring a cup of java on a chilly day. Today, celebrate National Coffee Day with a cute and inexpensive craft project using supplies you probably already have around the house!

Supply List
Coffee filters (5 per flower)
Food coloring (fall colors: yellow, orange, red, tan, brown)
Electrical or masking tape
Food skewers (1 per flower)
Paper towels

First, dye your coffee filters in fall hues like gold, orange, red, and shades of brown. Grab five filters for each flower you want to make and dip the filters in a bowl of water tinted with one of your food colorings. Squeeze out the excess water and set the filters aside to dry flat. (Hint: Use wax paper to catch the dye and water). Repeat the process for each color of flower you’d like, dyeing multiple flowers at once to save time. Pop them in the microwave briefly to speed up the drying process.

Next, take five coffee filters and stack them. Fold them in half, then once more, for quarters. Using straight or scrapbook scissors, cut a scalloped line (a series of curves) across the top to shape the flower. Then, poke a skewer through one filter. Keeping a fingertip on the top of the skewer, twist the filter until it resembles the center of a flower. Tape the filter to the skewer and repeat the process with your next four coffee filters. Twist, twist, twist, tape; twist, twist, twist, tape. The more you twist, the tighter and smaller your flower will be.

Finally, wrap two paper towels around the skewer of your first flower. Once you have your finished bouquet, drop it in a vase with coffee beans at the bottom to fill and enhance the coffee theme of this craft.

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay and fall crafting!

Confession time: How many cups have you already had today? What other fall crafts do you love to do with your children?

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