Character Builders Contest Winners

Alpha Omega Publications® would like to congratulate the seven recent winners of the Spot the Characters Builders™ Contest!

Character Found  -  Winner

Benny the Bear - Priscilla W., Wisconsin

Herbert the Snail - Dianna S., West Virginia

Scooter the Caterpillar - Ted B., Ohio

Stevie™ - Lisa W., Nebraska

Good Nzzzz Bee™ - Rachel B., Washington

Bouncer the Rabbit - Debbie E., Minnesota

Smuggles the Dog - Elaine D., Maryland

We hope everyone enjoyed searching for the colorful animated characters hidden on AOP's website, while taking advantage of the helpful homeschooling resources at Alpha Omega Publications. The Character Builders prizes have been processed, and each winner will receive their DVD at their homeschool address within the next few weeks.

But wait! The Spot the Character Builders Contest is not over yet! With three more Character Builders characters left to be found, there's still an opportunity to win a free DVD from the Character Builders series. The characters still remaining to be found on AOP's homeschool website include the following:

           Tuffy®                  Nancy™        The Conductor™

Open to any age, this "where-on-the-website" contest is easy to play. Simply login or create a free user account to search AOP's website, be the first to locate one of the remaining Character Builders characters above, and complete the form to receive your prize. It's that simple! (Limit one winner per homeschool family. U.S. residents only).

Hurry! Remember, only the first person to find each character is eligible to win. So, have fun and start your search for your chance to win one of the last three Character Builders DVDs today!

Answers to U.S. Presidents Fun Facts Quiz - (1. I)  (2. D)   (3. G)  (4. B)  (5. E)  (6. H)  (7. C)  (8. F)  (9. M)
(10. O)  (11. N)  (12. A)  (13. L)  (14. K)  (15. J)

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