Christmas Myths Debunked

How well do you know the story of Christ's birth? Between today's interpretations and the traditional reenactment of Christ's birth during the annual church Christmas pageant, the story for most homeschooling families usually goes something like this:

1. Mary is with child and travels with Joseph to Bethlehem on a donkey for the census.

2. After they get to Bethlehem, the innkeeper turns them away because there are too many people in town.

3. The innkeeper feels sorry for them and puts them in a stable.

4. Jesus is born and laid in a manger, and he never even cries.

5. The angels are present and announce His birth to the shepherds in the fields.

6. Finally, three wise men arrive on camels to worship Christ with their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Are these accepted "facts" really the truth about Christmas? According to the Bible, our final authority on the subject, they're probably not true for the following reasons:

    • Mary traveled with Joseph to Bethlehem, but there is no mention of a donkey. She could have ridden in a cart or traveled in the normal mode of her day, walking. If they did have a donkey, it probably would have been used for carrying packs on the 70-80 mile trip (Luke 2:4-5).

    • No innkeeper is mentioned in the Bible. It only says there was no room for them at the inn (Luke 2:7). Most likely, flashing signs that said "No Vacancy" were not visible, but the Bible doesn't confirm that Mary and Joseph talked to anyone to determine if the inn was full.

    • Jesus could have been born in a cave, a barn, or even outside under the stars. The Bible simply mentions that he was born, wrapped in swaddling cloths, and laid in a manger. Since mangers are used for feeding animals, chances are He was near some type of livestock when he was born, but not necessarily in a stable (Luke 2:7).

    • Mary was in the third trimester of her pregnancy when she traveled to Bethlehem, but the Bible doesn't say that Mary delivered the night she arrived. Jesus' birth occurred "while they were there," which could have been at any time after they arrived (Luke 2:6).

    • Two of the first Christmas carols young children usually learn are "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night." Although the words and titles to these songs allude to a baby Jesus who didn't cry, the Bible says that Christ was born a man and suffered in the flesh (1 Peter 4:1). Like most other babies when they are born, Jesus probably cried.

    • The Bible doesn't mention that the angels were at Jesus' birth, simply that they spoke the good news of His birth to the shepherds in the fields (Luke 2:9-14).

    • No mention is made to the number of magi who came to honor Jesus' birth. Three different gifts are referenced, which probably led to the assumption of three wise men. In addition, Jesus was probably two years old when they visited him, since the wise men did not arrive until the days of Herod (Matthew 2:1-16). After the magi visited Christ, verse 16 says they left by another way and Herod ordered all the two-year-old boys and younger to be killed in Bethlehem and the surrounding regions.

    • Jesus probably wasn't born on December 25, since the Bible doesn't give the exact date of His birth. Different methods have been used to determine the date of Jesus' birth; however, like the date of His return, no one knows for sure.
This Christmas, why not establish a new tradition and take a few minutes before you exchange gifts to read the real story of Jesus' birth from Luke 2:1-20. Reading this passage as a homeschooling family will not only make for a more meaningful Christmas, but it will also keep the truth of our beloved Savior's birth accurate for future generations.

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LISA A 12/01/2011 10:40:26

Here is a christmas quote: You can\'t put Christ in Christmas, because He was never in it in the first place. Let us all learn the history of the winter soltice in the first place, and then ask our selves, \"Why on earth would we put or Holy Creator in such a pagan feast as this? Especially when HE commanded that He NOT be worshipped in heathen ways.\" We must read ALL of His instructions to us, we must go back to the beginning and read how He says He desires to be worshipped, not how we think He should be worshipped and say,\"Wow! this feast looks fun, but let\'s take their god out of it and then we will just place the One and True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in it, His Word says this is an abomination to Him. We must wake up (and come out of Egypt or Babylon if you will) and serve Him, not the other way around, He has already served us through the Messiah who died for us, and said, \"IF YOU LOVE ME, OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS!\" Thank goodness for His Mercy AND Grace and patience. May we be found GOOD and FAITHFUL servants, and do what we have been here to do, protecting and guarding HIS COMMANDMENTS and that HIS NAME and glory is pronounced through out the whole earth. (Really read Psalms 119 again).

MICHAELA B 12/01/2011 15:03:07

The only thing \"Christian\" about Christmas is the use of Jesus\' title of Christ. EVERYTHING else is so obviously pagan and demonic, it\'s a wonder anyone who has actually read the bible, believes and understands what is said in the bible, can, in good conscience, celebrate this evil paganistic holiday. Yes it is fun to give and receive gifts, to put up the tree, the lights, to have a day of worship for our savior BUT the origin and the true histories of these traditions is not in any way Christian, at all. Jesus commanded us not to worship him, but to worship the FATHER, the ONE true God, whom sadly most misguided Christians believe to be three beings at once, also known as the Trinity. There is only ONE being that deserves to be worshiped, the Father; there are two beings that deserve our gratitude and service and they are NOT one in the same, they are the Father and the Son Jesus Christ. The Trinity is a very pagan doctrine that goes way way way back into history, the first example I can think of is that of Nimrod who married his own mother had children by her and he himself became both the Son and the Father, by marrying his mother he initiated the Mother worship we see in so many Catholic faiths today. It truly is a sign of the times when we see God\'s name removed from the bibles we Christians are given... His name is so important and powerful that the powers that be have seen fit to remove His name from our sources of study. Many of you may feel that the powers that be at this time are none other than Satan the Devil, the original serpent and the Father of the lie; unfortunately most do not want to believe this and don\'t want to see it, however to turn a blind eye is just as dangerous if not more so than openly allowing Satan into your lives, God\'s name strikes fear in the hearts of evil doers, evil cannot survive where God\'s name is present. God\'s name is Jehovah! Let Jehovah\'s name be known and made holy. \"That people may know that you, whose name is JEHOVAH, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.\" Psalms 83:18

GWYN I 12/01/2011 15:37:32

You are to be applauded to put Xmas myths to rest. It is sad that the world is much more interested in the \'fun\' of things than in the \'truth\' of things. There are not many individuals that truly want to seek what is acceptable to God. They only look for what is convenient. Celebrating a holiday that is a disgrace to God \'should\' matter. Michaela and Lisa both can see the truth and also cherish it. Truly, if God thought it to be important he would have told us so. Not mentioning Jesus\' birthday and no record of any celebrations of it during his lifetime here on earth is proof enough to me that it is not a focus for true christians. And, as Lisa stated, its origins are pagan. And, its celebration is about greed and profit for big businesses of the world of which we are told to be no part of.

CASANDRA J 12/01/2011 17:13:51

The bible is the ultimate authority in anything we Christians believe. 1John 5:7 says \"For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost, these THREE ARE ONE\" Just because the word Trinity is not in the bible does not mean that it is not bible truth; not pagan doctrine. Also the name JEHOVAH is not the only name our Lord is known by in His word. In Genesis 1:1 He is ELOHIM, in Genesis 15:2 He is ADONAI; Gen. 14-EL ELYON; Exodus 3:14 YAHWEH. The list goes on and on. He is our one and only GOD, yes, who chooses how He reveals Himself to us. We should stop limiting a limitless God by one name for He is more than that.

LISA A 12/01/2011 23:48:11

I am is His name. Adonai and Elohim is what He is. If you really think about it YAHUWH, YAHWEH IS the HOLY Spirit. He is Spirit and He is Holy. Yes? Yahshua (I am salvation) is the son (promised seed) and we are to worship the FAther and ask in His Sons Name. Elohim is plural, as in we will make man in our image. Look at His family as one. Like ONE bunch of grapes or a tree if you will ONE tree (root, trunk and the MANY branches,but still one tree) This is what ONE is, we are grafted into His family (Israel) by the sacrifice but only to those who have accepted His salvation by the blood of the lamb/ a threshold covenant. WE now are in His family, and should live by his rules. That is the ONE that even the demons shutter. Satan has been sowing his seed from the beginning and has been trying to duplicate the seed that was to crush His head, all pagan deities have stories of miraculous birth and ressurection. His purpose was to lead all astray even the elect. He has done a good job, but he has failed in my life and some of you above as well have seen and heard the truth, I have chosen to hear and obey and the seed of YHWH and is now sowed in my life by guarding and protecting the very commandments HE has given from the beginning of time. Stand and walk in His ways brothers and sisters in Messiah, His commandments,teachings and instructions is our fence that helps keep the evil out of our lives, protecting us from going wayward from His truth and true light, so we may find our way back to Eden and not be consumed by His Holy fire.

STEPHANIE S 12/24/2011 07:26:46

Please hear me out. I do not advocate all this foolishness most people associate with christmas. The reindeer and elves and all that nonsense are the worlds attempt to instill greed in people at a very tender age. But, i will say this my children and I do celebrate Christmas. (I hope you noticed the change from lowercase to capital.)The birth of a babe in Bethlehem was important enough to prophesy how it would happen, and worthy enough of recognition when it did take place. It is a time to remember the first coming of Christ and to look forward to the second coming. I could never deny my children this wonderful season of learning about God\'s great love. That all being said, I would like to pose a question to those who do not celebrate Christmas at all. Do you recognize the birth of your child each year? Do you inwardly smile when someone wishes you a Happy Birthday?Now I know there are those who only recognize a child\'s age only when it means going from child to adult. If you would not deny your child(ren) that one day of recognition each year, to celebrate the gift that God gave you personally. How can you deny that recognition to God whose gift was to the whole world? I believe we should take time to remember all of the times that God has so amazingly blessed us. We should use each time of remembrance to reflect the love that God has for each and everyone of us. Proclaiming His name to the world so that those who do not yet know Him can find Him.

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