Christmas Rainbow Cake

Christmas Rainbow Cake

Looking for a Christmas dessert with eye-catching appeal that's easy to make? This festive layered Christmas Rainbow Cake tastes great and makes a wonderful presentation for celebrating the birth of Jesus with your homeschool family and friends.


1 - 3 oz. package raspberry gelatin
1 - 3 oz. package lime gelatin
1 package white cake mix
1 - 16 oz. container whipped cream
Sugar coated red and green gumdrops


Step 1: Prepare white cake mix per box instructions and bake in two 8-inch round cake pans.

Step 2: After baking, let cakes cool 10 minutes. Then, remove from pans to finish cooling on baking rack. Wash and clean cake pans. Return cakes back into the pans when completely cool.

Step 3: Prepare red and green gelatin in separate bowls, using only one cup of boiling hot water for each. Stir and allow gelatin to dissolve.

Step 4: Using a fork, poke holes approximately one inch apart into both cakes.

Step 5: Slowly spoon the red gelatin mixture evenly over the holes in one layer and the green gelatin over the holes in the other cake. Refrigerate both cakes 4 to 5 hours.

Step 6: Dip the bottom of the cake pans in hot water for 20 seconds to loosen and remove the cakes from their pans. Invert one layer onto a cake plate and spread the whipped cream on top. Place the other layer on top and spread the remaining whipped cream on the top and sides.

Step 7: Cut green gum drops in half lengthwise and red ones widthwise. Arrange on top of cake to decorate in holly patterns (see picture). Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

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MARY T 12/03/2009 07:33:07

This really looks great. I think I will try it for our Church Christmas Dinner. But I will use Strawberry Jello instead of Raspberry. I bet this is really moist.

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