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National Standards
Are national standards the next homeschool battleground? Due to high school dropout rates and America's poor K-12 academic rankings, Congress is considering a multitude of school reform options. One option Rep. George Miller (D-CA), the chairman of the Committee on Education and Labor, has championed is to reduce dropout rates by establishing national education standards:

"The goal of the No Child Left Behind Act is to make sure every child receives an excellent public education based on high standards. One of the most important things we can do to fulfill the law's promise is to develop internationally-benchmarked standards that will prepare all students for the rigors of a college or a career."

Presently, each state determines which schools are deemed adequate by using its own methods, but the idea of using national standards is quickly gaining acceptance. Backed by the National Governors Association, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and others, national standards would eventually lead to a national core curriculum. Potentially affecting every family that teaches with a Christian curriculum, national standards should bring a cause for concern to homeschoolers. Share your thoughts or comments on this proposed legislation below.

Subway® Contest
Subway is once again offering a writing contest this summer to PreK-8 children. After last year's exclusion of homeschoolers, Subway's Make It Happen! Contest appears to be open to all children who are legal U.S. residents. Entries must be received by 6/30/09 and relate a personal accomplishment of how your child eats healthy, stays active, and limits recreational screen time. For more information or to submit your child's story, view Subway's Make It Happen! Contest.

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Naperville, IL.........06/04
Rochester, NY......06/04
Houston, TX..........06/05
Des Moines, IA......06/05
Richmond, VA.......06/11
Memphis, TN.........06/12
Portland, OR..........06/12
Denver, CO...........06/18
Puyallup, WA........06/19
Sumter, SC............06/19
Souderton, PA.......06/19
St. Charles, MO.....06/23
Columbus, OH.......06/25
Knoxville, TN.........06/26
Austin, TX.............06/26
Birmingham, AL.....06/26

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LAURA M 06/15/2009 13:28:40

about the national standards...wouldnt that somehow take away r rights as americans 2 teach r children wat we want? isnt that y some people come 2 america anyway?

Patricia H 08/20/2010 23:28:02

Laura you correct!

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