Daffodil Days

"Honour the LORD with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase" (Proverbs 3:9).

Every year the daffodils were the first to push their green leaves through winter's cold earth in our flower bed. My daughter and I both looked forward to their annual spring arrival after homeschooling all winter. Not only were we blessed as the army of bright yellow blossoms began to form, but we also anticipated the joy of sharing their beauty with others. Short on finances, giving away our daffodils was one simple, but welcomed way that our homeschooling family could bring hope and love to family and friends. Our motivation to keep them fertilized and free of weeds came from the promise of future smiles we would see from those who would receive a bountiful bouquet.

Using what we have to be a blessing to others is a reoccurring theme in the Bible. As a homeschooling parent short on money, but big on ideas, I loved encouraging my children to bless others with the resources at hand. My favorite Bible stories to illustrate this lesson came from the widow who fed Elijah bread with the last of her flour and oil (1 Kings 17:12), the poor widow who had only two small coins to give to the church treasury (Luke 21:1-4), and the young boy who gave his two small fish and five loaves of bread to Jesus to feed over 5,000 people (John 6:9). Each is a clear example that God can use anything to bless others if we simply give it to Him.

Do you feel like you have nothing to give toward Christ's work because your finances are limited from homeschooling on one income? Don't despair! Look around instead and open your heart to God's creative ideas. Maybe you can bake fresh homemade meals, sew or crochet handmade kitchen towels, or just give sacks of your children's outgrown clothes to a needy family. Let the Lord lead and use what you have to be a blessing to others. When you see a smile appearing on a face, you'll realize that you have received the greater blessing.

Lord, thank You for the blessings You've given to my family. Help me to teach my children to think of others and open our eyes to see the storehouse of resources that You've made available to bless them. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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SUSAN S 03/26/2011 04:25:41

This is so true. Oftentimes we fail to appreciate the little things. We feel we cannot be a blessing to others due to some short coming in any area, (finances, talent, etc). There are MANY ways to bless others with what we have, we just need to DO it. Thanks for the reminder.

ALLEN B 03/26/2012 03:41:08

Amen to the DO IT part Susan. I have never even thought of sharing something so simple, yet beautiful as daffodils! Thanks for sharing.

KATHY S 03/26/2012 07:41:47

These dafodils symbolize alot of simple things that can be done to help others, make them smile Ect.

Simple things are often looked over.

As of late, I have been so thankful for things like my son getting me a cup of ice for my soda or water. My Mom or brother grabbing a few things that we need for groceries.

A phone call to see how I am.

I am used to doing those small things for my family and friends. Normally I grocery shop for my elderly Mother, do al the household chores like laundry for my son and I. Now he is doing the laundry while I recover.

My one friend has frequent injuries, as I do. When she was in and out of the hospital, I made meals and bakery for her and her family. They so appreciated it. It didn\'t seem like much on my end, as I enjoy cooking and baking, but to them it was alot.

I understand why now.

A friend stopped by the other day with my favorite coffee drink that made my day.

This all makes me think of how people who can;t do things for themselves, must really appreciate all the little things people do for them.

When I recover, I will make sure to not only do my normal things for my Mom and son, but to try and bring whatever form of :\"Dafodils\" to those who need it.

Thank you for the inspiration!!

Have a Blessed day ! :)

CHRISTINE M 03/26/2012 14:36:28

Very true and good point! The things that have blessed me the most are thoughtful acts of kindness that are timely.

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