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What chores have you delegated to your children to keep the homeschooling wheels turning in your family? To save electricity and money, my youngest daughter's chore was hanging up the clothes to dry. Each morning after breakfast, she either hung the clothes outside in the fresh summer air or inside on the drying rack during the winter months. With six people in our family, this task grew into a time-consuming chore. Early on, she discovered that no amount of complaining or procrastinating would relieve her of the responsibility. Learning to face the task with resolve and determination, she acquired a work ethic that has since served her well in the workplace.

In living the Christian life, you too may face chores God has given you to do. Serving on church committees, hosting backyard Bible clubs, and teaching Sunday school can seem like added burdens to an already full homeschooling schedule. Although the extra discipline required to minister to others may seem daunting at the time, you'll discover it develops a Christ-like character that glorifies the Lord.

What about you? Are you complaining about the chores God has given you to do, or have you learned to submit to the lessons of servanthood? Make no mistake, God will keep leading you back to what He last asked you to do until you say, "Here am I; send me" (Isaiah 6:8). Embrace the responsibility and see the task for what it is — an opportunity to glorify your Lord and bless others. Is there anything better you could be doing with your life? "Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many" (Matthew 20:28).

Lord, forgive me for complaining and shirking the responsibilities You've given to me. Open my eyes to see the joys of blessing others with Your love and let me serve You today with a totally devoted heart. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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TARA F 04/19/2011 10:14:41

What a great encouragement to me today. I am a busy home school mom with baby #6 on the way this summer. We just arrived home after a weekend retreat with Child Evangelism Fellowship planning the summer ahead and what wonderful things God will do as we plan to reach children all over our province with the Good News of Jesus. A daunting task it would seem - but this is God\'s work - and we only need to be willing! I could complain and say \'I\'m too busy\' - but the truth is, the task ahead is far more worth the effort than some of the other things I could fill my time with - and I do want to demonstrate to my own children a joyful servant heart. Again, thank you for the encouragement!

DANA W 04/19/2011 18:13:11

Amen! I serve within our church and outside of it in many ways all which God has given me the strength and resolve to do in spite of having 4 very young children and homeschooling! Thank you for the reminder that it is NOT always easy to be sent but it is always fulfilling to be in the center of His will for my life which He purchased and I gladly give to Him. More of You Lord less of me

KATHY S 04/19/2012 04:57:04

I\'d love to write that I am still on our coffe/cookie team at church, or that I minister to others on a regular basis. I can\'t even write that I\'ve been taking care of my elderly Mother as of late.

I pray that the Lord restores my heslth so I can do my work, and some of his too.

My 13 year old son is the perfect example of doing God\'s work, helping others, obeying, respecting, showing kindness, patience, my son is AMAZING!!

Yesterday was my 5th trip to the E.R. in the last 6 weeks, my son sat patiently, he prayed, he calmed my Mom, his Grandmother, he helps me with everything.

When I started this homeschool venture, I always said, I wouldn\'t have my son doing \"extra\" household chores, just because he was home

I only have 1 child, so I have the luxury of doing my own housework, laundry, shopping, ECT.

His job was to take out the garbage, and help carry in the groceries, and that was just plenty for him, as he does those 2 things for his Grandma too. He was born with many delays, scoliosis, and has a form of Autism. So his chore list was just plenty for him.

With my \"sleu\" of injuries, he just started doing more on his own, he has learned how to do laundry, he just gets anything I need, runs my ice packs back and forth, gets me a soda, in the beginning, when I was almost cpmpletely immobile, he was making me microwave \"chicken nuggets\" for breakfast he has such a \"calming effect\" on me these days.

I continually thank him for all the things he\'s been doing. He just says \"it\'s my job Mom, just like you always do for me\".

I guess he saw how Mom always did evrything for him, and his Grandma, and he just picked up on the \"helping\" others.

He NEVER complains. His grandma and I keep trying to give him rewards, money, gift cards, and he has to be \"pursueded\" to take them. I feel guilty, these are MY jobs he\'s doing. I can\'t wait to get well.

When I do, HE will be MY example of giving joyfully of ones self to others.

I know Jesus can see his wonderful heart and all the good things he does each day. I pray Blessings upon him, health, healing, every good thing that God has, I pray for my son.

Thank you Jesus for my Wonderful, unselfish, Loving, Caring Son ! Amen~!

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