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Explore the rich heritage of the United States of America with fun and educational history resources and curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications®. To order these featured electives and homeschool resources, simply call 800-622-3070 or shop online today!

Monarch™ Twentieth Century American History

Explore our country's past with Monarch Twentieth Century American History for grades 9-12. This online elective offers media-rich lessons that examine America's century of change, conflict, and growth. Filled with videos, projects, and games, this refreshingly interactive, six-unit course covers the Industrial Age, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, the cold war, and more.

Switched-On Schoolhouse® Vietnam Era
Teach your child about one of the most tumultuous and fascinating times in American history with Switched-On Schoolhouse Vietnam Era. This six-unit elective for grades 9-12 includes multimedia activities, educational games, and informative lessons that study the long and difficult struggle of the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese culture, the military strategy of the United States, the role of the cold war, and the war's aftermath.

Monarch™ The Story of the Constitution
Take an in-depth look at America's national treasure with Monarch The Story of the Constitution for grades 7-12. Filled with interactive multimedia lessons like video clips and games, this eight-unit online elective follows the exciting people and events that led to the writing of the U.S. Constitution from America's struggle for independence from Great Britain to the Constitution's ratification, articles, and amendments.

Drive Thru History: Columbus, the Pilgrims, and Early Boston
Put the rubber to the road with Drive Thru History: Columbus, the Pilgrims, and Early Boston. Hosted by Dave Stotts, this educational, teen-friendly DVD takes your child on a trek through Italy, Spain, England, and Holland to discover America's roots. Three 30-minute episodes include lively narration, eye-catching animation, and on-location exploration that explain the Christian influences that helped shape America.

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