Does My Homeschooler Need a High School Diploma?

Though there is certainly value in having a high school diploma, many homeschool families cause themselves unnecessary stress as they seek to obtain a diploma through the “proper channels.”

Today, many colleges are recruiting homeschoolers not because they possess a specific type of diploma, but because they exhibit academic abilities and character traits that enhance the classroom experience and campus life. Ultimately, preparing an accurate transcript of your student’s high school coursework plays a much larger role in gaining admission than the diploma itself.

HSLDA recommends carefully tracking your homeschooler’s course content, textbooks and resources, methods of evaluation, sample papers and tests, and instructor name(s) beginning in 9th grade to simplify transcript preparation. Families that choose to do their own recordkeeping and issue a parent-signed diploma can find professional diplomas online for a practical price.

For families that don’t enjoy recordkeeping, programs like Monarch store student records securely for seven years to make transcript preparation simple and quick. In addition, distance learning programs like Alpha Omega Academy remove all recordkeeping responsibilities and provide official transcripts and diplomas for their graduates.

Though there are many homeschool-friendly colleges across the country, each institution has its own unique admission requirements that range from transcripts and GPAs to SAT/ACT scores and more. Preparing an accurate transcript is a great place to start, but connecting with admission staff at the college is the best way to ensure you have everything needed to apply to the school of your child’s choice.

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