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Need a different homeschool curriculum to meet your child's learning style or an enriching elective to round out your child's education? Whatever the circumstance, now's the time to get the homeschooling materials you need from Alpha Omega Publications®. To order these exceptional homeschool curriculums, simply click on the links below or call 800-622-3070 today!

Switched-On Schoolhouse®
Transform the way you homeschool with this best-selling, computer-based curriculum for grades 3-12. Cutting-edge technology not only simplifies homeschooling for parents with time-saving lesson planning and recordkeeping features, but it also enriches your child's learning experience in five core subjects and 30 electives with innovative, multimedia resources. Filled with exciting video clips, educational games, and interactive projects, your child will love learning with Switched-On Schoolhouse!

Don't trust your child's education with less than the best! Proven and trusted, this popular, print-based curriculum for grades K-12 provides a structured, self-paced learning experience. Your child will love the mastery-based, full-color worktexts, while you enjoy built-in teacher tools like diagnostic tests, self tests, teacher checkpoints, and more! Five core subjects and over 15 electives provide your child with a solid and dependable academic foundation.

Go with a winner and discover the colorful and fun homeschool curriculum you've always wanted. Workbook-based and teacher friendly, Horizons is filled with brightly illustrated, consumable lessons that use a spiral learning method to help children master concepts through introduction, review, and reinforcement. Perfect for hands-on learning, this best-selling curriculum is designed with a variety of captivating courses for grades PreK-12.

The Weaver Curriculum®
Homeschooling has never been so much fun with the biblically integrated, hands-on Weaver unit-study curriculum! Designed to teach multiple grade levels at the same time, The Weaver Curriculum is divided into volumes for grades K-6 and supplemental volumes for grades 7-12. Multiple subjects are weaved into each day's exciting, activity-based assignments and include Bible, spelling, grammar, penmanship, reading, history and geography, science, and more!

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