Enrich Your Child's Knowledge of History

Make history come alive with new, computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse® (SOS) history electives and Drive Thru History DVDs! The perfect supplement to any core curriculum, each exciting homeschool resource below gives your child a fresh look at important events from the past and in-depth information about our world. Experience history lessons as never before with these must-have history products:

SOS The Civil War

Get your child excited about one of America's most important turning points in history with this six-unit course for grades 9-12. Better than a textbook, this multimedia-packed elective includes interactive maps and learning games to better understand the Confederate States of America and the Union, as well as war figures like Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, pivotal battles like Gettysburg, the Reconstruction, and more.

SOS Twentieth Century American History
Help your high school student imagine life during the Roaring 20s, the Great Depression, the two World Wars, and more with this six-unit elective that uses today's technology to make learning fun! Exciting, interactive lessons filled with 3-D animation assist students in gaining a solid comprehension of America's progressivism, equal rights, and other nation-shaping events.

SOS World Geography
Give your teen a global perspective and international learning experience with this 12-unit study of the world's seven continents. Innovative lessons include exciting video clips, animation, and learning games to study each region's settlement, culture, politics, economics, and physical geography characteristics.

SOS Vietnam Era
Examine the long, difficult conflict of the Vietnam War with media-rich lessons that include games and off-computer activities in this six-unit elective for grades 9-12. Learn about the Vietnamese people and country, factors that led to the United States' involvement in the war, the military strategy of the United States, the anti-war movement, the war's aftermath, and more.

Drive Thru History DVDs
Rev up your teen's history lessons with these fast-paced and fun-filled DVDs that examine America's roots and early beginnings. Featuring on-location explorations, eye-catching animations, and humorous commentary by host Dave Stotts, each DVD makes history jump off the page. Your child won't want to miss these action-packed road trips to discover the Christian influences, people, places, and events that shaped America.

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