Feeble Excuses

I was listening to my daughter as she gave me the feeble excuse, "But Mom, the rest of the homeschool group is going!" I already knew my answer was going to be "no" to this unchaperoned activity of co-ed young teens, but her words caused me to think about the need we all feel to be like everyone else. I remembered using the same poor excuse with my parents and hearing the same "would you jump off a cliff if everyone else did it, too" lecture. Why do we have such a need to be like others?

God had been leading His people ever since He brought them out of Egypt. Why did they think they needed a king now? Moses, the judges, and the prophets had protected, exhorted, and provided directly for His people, but now the people wanted Samuel to find a king to rule over them, so they could be like the other nations around them (1 Samuel 8:21-22). Samuel tried to warn them what having a king would do to their lives, but they wouldn't listen. God's response in 1 Samuel 8:7b is probably the answer to all the generations of young people who have ever used the "but everyone else is doing it" excuse: "For they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them."

What excuse are you telling God to justify your sinful actions? Do you find yourself participating in activities and making purchases so you can be like everyone else? If you are His child, He has a different plan for your life than to go with the flow. He wants to set you apart to be holy unto Himself. "As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy" (1 Peter 1:14-16).

Jesus, I stand convicted of my sinful selfishness. I yield my life to Your correction and ask You to cleanse me of those things that do not glorify You. My body is Your temple, and I give You all that I am today. In Your precious name, Amen.

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SAMANTHA O 12/16/2008 08:59:42

Every morning I read the Daily Focus and I feel it has been written for me. Thankyou so much for your thoughtful insights that make me think, pause and pray.

RACHELLE L 12/16/2010 14:17:56

Once....my son (age 7) was asking to do or have something that we don\'t allow. He said \"all the kids are...\" and I came back with \"well if they all jumped off a cliff, would you do that, too?\" This was the first opportunity I\'d had to use this gem. He looked me right straight in the eye and said \"Well that would be a pretty silly thing to do\"!

CHRISTINE M 12/16/2011 06:38:48

It\'s also nice to remind them that God made us each unique and what\'s right for some might not be right for us--even when it\'s something we want to do

TANIA S 12/16/2011 09:20:43

wowzers! So greatful for the message today. Even as an adult I can see that this is still so important to keep in check! What an expression of love that He would want to set us apart, that we would be that significant to Him.

HAN P 12/16/2011 18:30:27

Thank you for another great message today! I\'m encouraged by this message again. I like the statement: He has different plan for our life than going with the flow. Ping

ELIZABETH C 12/16/2012 08:22:36

We are not of this world, and that can be hard for children. We, as adults, can struggle some days by being so \"different\", even more so for children. But taking all things in light of scripture and intentionally taking all thoughts to Christ really helps. God bless homeschoolers! We are different, and that\'s a beautiful thing!

PATRICE RIPLEY 12/16/2013 14:20:28

As a homeschooling parent, why not offer to chaperone the activity. Feeble excuses kind of go both ways as far as I am concerned. Our senior class just had an outing to the midnight premier of the Hobbit movie , even though most of the kids already have drivers licenses and cars , the activity was driven to and from by adults and the sleepover that accompanied it was well supervised. Sometimes as parents we have to step up to the plate and have fun WITH our kids.

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