Fight Back-to-School Blahs with Fun First-day Activities

Fight Back-to-School Blahs with Fun First-Day Activities

With August marking the start of a new year of homeschooling for many families, part of your job as a homeschool parent is to get your children excited to learn again. To make the first day back at school memorable, here are a few fun-filled ways children and parents can easily get back in the swing of homeschooling this fall.

1. Keep It Personal. From having their name posted on their bedroom door to subject folders covered with bubble letters, kids love personalizing things through art. To gear up for the start of the school year, have your children create signs with the name of your homeschool. Display the best one or make it a group project.

2. Make a New Beginning. Start your year with a discussion of new beginnings. Instruct your children to write a poem or essay on what starting fresh means to them. For inspiration, read Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 5:3, and Ecclesiastes 3:1-4.

3. Go Supply Hunting. Begin the first day by sending your kids outside to roam the fresh air for clues in a supply-themed scavenger hunt. Scatter notebooks, folders, rulers, and erasers around your house, set your parameters, and provide the hints. Award a free week off from chores or an exclusive, personalized field trip to the winner.

4. Save the Moment. Encourage your children to create a time capsule to commemorate this point in their lives. First, instruct them to collect objects that represent this year in history, such as a photo of themselves, a magazine or newspaper, a sample of their favorite nonperishable item, a record of their height and weight, and a goal object like a handwriting sample if the child wants to improve in that area. Your children could also include a list of their favorite music, movies, books, and foods. Finally, seal everything in a box and stash it away to return to them at the end of the homeschooling year or even when they graduate from high school. Your children will love seeing how much they've changed when they revisit the contents of the box!

5. Take a Tour. Visiting a vintage, one-room schoolhouse is a perfect first-day field trip for homeschoolers. Not only will the visit give them a sense of history, but it will also show them how their ancestors learned in a multi-age setting similar to your homeschool. Plus, one-room schoolhouses are easier to locate than you may think. Several websites dedicated to their preservation feature lists of one room schoolhouses in your state. Many of the classrooms' original furnishings and wall hangings remain, and your children will enjoy visualizing their predecessors toiling at the old-fashioned desks and chalkboards.

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