First Day of Homeschool Traditions

The first day back to homeschool from summer is an exciting day for kids and parents. Having a first day of homeschool tradition can help you and your child get back into the swing of more structured learning. If you don’t have a first day of homeschool tradition, here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Document the change.
It’s no surprise your kids are growing up fast. To mark the change, choose some form of documentation for the first day of school. Whether it’s a picture, a first day of homeschool All-About-Me poster, or a quick video blog, choose something to document that you can compare year over year.

Kim S. - The kids fill out an All About Me poster so we can see the changes from year to year.
Lilia G. - I take a picture while she is doing schoolwork.

Treat yourself.
Going from the lazy days of summer to focused work and learning can be a hurdle for many students. Help make the first day of school sweet with a little extra treat. Pick something special that your kids can really look forward to each year.

Kadi W. - Cake for breakfast!
Lisa M. - A special breakfast and fun craft after bookwork.

Transition into structure.
Having a treat is a great start, but if your child needs more time, don’t be afraid to transition slowly into more structured learning. Allow flexibility in the first days back to school and take advantage of all the perks of homeschooling.

Monique W. - Taking school to the park

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