Five Reasons to Attend a Homeschool Convention

5 Reasons to Attend a Homeschool ConventionLiving in today's Internet society, some homeschoolers may wonder if attending a homeschool convention is still necessary. After all, with easy access to information and homeschool websites, why not just save yourself the hassle and added travel expenses and enjoy the convenience of shopping online?

As great a tool as the Internet may be, there are still some wonderful benefits to attending a homeschool convention that can't be found anywhere else. Here are just a few reasons why you should make plans to attend a homeschool conference near you this year:

Find Encouragement
After spending the winter months inside, it's easy to think you're the only one homeschooling in the world. Getting out to see crowds and talk with other Christian homeschool families at spring and summer homeschool conventions helps you find support, gather new ideas, and remember that you're not alone.

Get Quality Information
Who has time to search through tons of homeschool information on the Internet? Save yourself the frustration and reap the benefits of experienced homeschool convention leaders. Event organizers usually spend hours sifting through information to choose only the best workshop topics, speakers, and homeschool curriculum providers who offer valuable, up-to-date information and products.

Learn from Workshops
Discovering new ideas for becoming a better homeschooling parent is easier with practical "how-to" workshops. Most conventions not only offer workshops to improve your teaching abilities and homeschool's academic quality, but also workshops that relate to current legal issues in your state, family relationships, parenting, and more. Remember, every good teacher remains a student.

Help Dad Get in the Game
One great advantage of attending a homeschool convention is to get Dad more involved in the homeschooling process. Although many dads work full time and leave homeschooling more to Mom, they also care deeply about their child's education. By attending a homeschool convention, your husband can gather information, talk to other homeschooling fathers, and better understand homeschooling issues. Most of all, a convention will give him a whole new perspective and appreciation for your responsibilities involved in homeschooling.

Purchase Curriculum Materials
The vendor exhibit hall at homeschool conventions offers a huge number of curriculum choices on every major subject. Since most curriculums are not sold in book stores, attending a convention gives you the freedom to examine products firsthand before purchasing. Another benefit is that you can better customize your child's homeschooling experience by finding the right resources that meet his individual needs. To make the most of your time, be sure to plan ahead and note which booths you want to visit during the conference.

In addition to these great benefits, homeschool parents who visit the Alpha Omega Publications booth at their homeschool convention will enjoy the benefits of these great deals:

- Homeschool curriculum demonstrations
- Curriculum product displays
- 20% off convention orders and free shipping on orders over $50
- Registration to win free prizes

For help finding a homeschool convention near you, view the complete list of homeschool conventions that Alpha Omega Publications will be attending this year!

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Comments(10 comments)

ROSE W 03/05/2009 06:49:18

We would have loved to attended a homeschool convention, but we run a farm and all of your Virginia locations are over on the west side of the state. Is there any reason why you have not chosen a location in the south east of Virginia. Lots of people homeschool there too.

ROSE W 03/05/2009 06:52:07

OOPs, I need to change what I wrote. All of your conventions are on the east side, and we live in the south west of Virginia. Is there any chance of seeing a convention nearer to us?

I really need to get my east and west compass mended. LOL

CODIE R 03/05/2009 07:47:06

How do you find where there is a convention? I live in NM, about 15 miles from Texas about half way down. And since I have decided to homeschool, I have been looking and can't find out where one will be. Can someone help?

CARL V 03/05/2009 07:58:02


There will be a homeschool convention in Albuquerque beginning on April 16. For more information on this convention and others, here's a helpful link:

MELISSA R 03/05/2009 09:02:45

There are no conferences in Louisiana at all.

DEVAN R 03/05/2009 19:26:53

when will one be in ky?

JANET T 03/06/2009 07:09:17

Devan - There's one in Louisville on 7/10/09. Click on the link in the last sentence of the article, and you'll find more information.

BRENNAN D 03/07/2009 07:39:12

Devan - AOP will also be at the MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati in April. Click link at end of article above, and then look at "Ohio" for a link to the convention website.

ANN J 03/01/2012 12:07:35

I have not been able to attend a convention in YEARS. We either lived too far away and would have to pay for hotel and meals OR it is just expensive with registrations, meals, babysitters etc. I know many families that are military who live overseas and cannot attend. I would love to see something online for everyone. It is nice to get my hands on books, to look them over. I just wish I had a place to go online and could chat with the representatives of the books to ask my questions.

LINDA D 04/05/2012 07:05:21

Ann J...there IS a place online for you and others to \"get your hands on books\", talk to vendor representatives, attend workshops, hear from the experts, and more!! is seeking to bring homeschool resources and information to the 95% of homeschoolers just like you who CAN\'T get to a brick-n-mortar homeschool convention!! I hope this helps! ^Linda from Home Educating Family

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