Fixes Improve Monarch's Performance

You don't like bugs, and we don't either! That's why our team of curriculum development experts at Alpha Omega Publications® has been processing your feedback and making changes for a more user-friendly homeschooling experience with Monarch™.

Not only has AOP regularly added new features and functionality within Monarch, but we've also been on the hunt to find and fix any software glitches that may have been bothering you. As a homeschool parent, you have more important things to think about than bothersome bugs, so we're pleased to inform you that the following issues have been corrected:

    • Inactive students are no longer displayed in Monarch's drop-down Message menu. In addition, when the Message "Forward To" button is clicked, a warning alert appears to first select a student.

    • Essay questions in all Monarch courses now retain copy line breaks in a student's answer for easier parent grading.

    • The "Unassign This Course?" dialogue pop-up box, which prevents Monarch users from accidentally deleting a student's entire coursework, is more readily visible.

    • Events assigned to a single student on the Monarch lesson calendar no longer get assigned to additional students you may have.

    • Science course supply lists for grades 3-12 are now displaying properly.

    • Monarch's "Clear Work" button, which erases and reassigns an entire lesson, is now available to use even when a student's assignment is marked complete with no work being done.

    • When Monarch users regenerate a course, they can no longer select an end date that is earlier than the begin date.

    • An updated message that says "Create Student" displays in the Lesson Plan tab if no students are active in the Monarch program.

    • Font colors used in Monarch reports are now more visible within themes.
At AOP, we're listening! Please help us continue to crush Monarch bugs. To share any curriculum problems, concerns, or suggestions you may have about Monarch, visit Monarch technical support online or call
888-891-4958. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).

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Comments(2 comments)

DEBRA Y 01/13/2011 09:03:20

Monarch keeps taking my student back to a completed matter what subject she clicks into.

CARL V 01/13/2011 10:30:32


I have forwarded your issue to tech support. They should be contacting you shortly, and hopefully they can quickly solve your problem.

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