For the Long Haul

Faithfulness can be described as being true to one's word, promises, or vows. Faithfulness, then, according to homeschooling, is persevering in teaching your children even when you're criticized by a well-meaning person who is worried about your child's socialization. Faithfulness also means spending countless hours preparing for daily lessons, teaching a concept until your child gets it, learning to live on less sleep and money, giving more of your time to your family than yourself, and following the One who gives you the strength to do it all: Jesus.

God's Word provides many examples of people who remained faithful to the Lord in their work or call, but God Himself is the best definition of this character quality. As Creator God, faithfulness is an attribute of His very nature. He demonstrates that attribute each day as He lovingly cares for us and meets our needs. The Bible describes God's faithfulness as infinite (Psalm 36:5) and everlasting (Psalm 119:90). Every morning, the Lord's faithfulness is new (Lamentations 3:23) and unfailing (Psalm 89:33). Even when we fail to be faithful to God, He remains faithful to us (2 Timothy 2:13).

Faithfulness is a character quality not easily found today. Homeschoolers, as well as Christians in general, approach too many commitments with the option of, "Well, if this doesn't work, I can always get out of it." When life gets tough, we are tempted to escape from our responsibilities, but faithfulness means not forgetting the Lord in the good times and not blaming Him in the bad. No matter where we go, we will have difficulties of some kind. What about you? Are you in this homeschooling journey for the long haul?

Father, only You can give me the strength I need to remain faithful in homeschooling. Fill me again this day with Your power and help me to remain true to You and the commitment of teaching my children. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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VICKIE M 02/19/2009 07:40:40

Good email. It does get trying at times & I do need to be reminded WHY I homeschool. My children are worth it!

KARMEL M 02/19/2009 10:16:16

I need encouragement to be faithful to what I know God has called me to do............homeschool my children. This daily devotion has really helped to remind me why I started all of this to begin with. Thankyou!

JUDI L 02/19/2010 06:58:21

I had beenworrying about being able to keep going as my son gets to the advanced grades, but in reading this email I was reminded of His promise. If we remain faithful to HIM he will give us what we need to perservere.

ELIZABETH J 02/19/2010 16:24:23

Being consistant is the hardest part for me!

THAIS C 02/23/2010 08:08:23

Yes He is faithful. I have been homeschooling for 9 yrs. now. I have 2 boys, both who need daily cheerleading. I have one in high school now, and one left at home, and I will say, after all this time I have daily struggles and victories. Amazingly thoough, when I am really down, or confused, God will speak to me in some way, that will encourage me and keep me going. It's because homeschooling is the right thing for us, and he knows my heart.

ROSANNA M 02/19/2011 06:41:39

I have three young ones, and homeschooling is new to our family. I was homeschooled part of my life. It was a real struggle at first, to see how this would all work out. It really is day-to-day. God promises to "give us our daily bread" so why worry about tomorrow, just today!

SAMUEL C 02/19/2011 07:44:59

My wife Pam and I have homeschooled our children since 1995. There have been many challenges but the result is the answer. When God spoke to us about home schooling I knew it would be God to help us "get passed ourselves" when the going gets precarious.

Our daughter is 22 and has a child and works in the minstry with us and has a job at our local hospital. It is worth the planning, pressure, joy, tears and most of all the Eternal result.

Keep the faith that is what Jesus will be looking for!

Sam Cottle

KATHY S 02/19/2012 07:08:30

I am so sick and tired of those well meaning people about my 12 year old's socialization.

I wan't to just loudly say "Listen, my child has Aspbergers syndrome, which means, he doesn't want to socialize!" But, that would be innappropriate.

And, that's not all together true, he only wants to socialize with his few friends that he knows and trusts, in our home, which is his "safe" place.

So instead I say "Well, at least he's safe, and not getting punched in his head or hit or abused at school". That helps shut up most people, but some will still push. "Have you tried Saint whoevers school?" Then I let them know we tried a Catholic school, and it was just as bad, only with less children in the class.

I guess people just don't like anything that they feel is out of the "norm".

Although some admit, they just would never have the patience to Homeschool.

Homeschooling isn't easy, but, with God's help, I am able to do it (well for 3 months anyway).

And, actually, we have been getting more sleep than we ever did, we both have been healthier.

And, so far, aside from the costs of the books when we started, I think we are saving money in the long run. I drove my child back and forth to school daily when he was in Public school, and with gas prices the way they are now, I probably am still ahead financially . It is very worth it to homeschool in all aspects !

SYLVIA H 02/19/2012 13:42:00

In this day & age, this devotional is also applicable to marriage, would that people were still faithful to their voes.

SUZANNE CARRIER 02/19/2013 12:10:00

I would like to encourage all those who are committed for the long haul. We homeschooled our son, now 26, all his life. He is a very precious and attentive son, brother, employee, and friend to all. He is well adjusted socially and has a wonderful job (without college!). God is faithful. There were many times I felt like turning back but I'm so glad I didn't. The blessing that he is now FAR outweighs all the sacrifices and tears. Keep with it and don't worry. He who puts his trust in the Lord will never be disappointed. ;)

TABITHA JOZWICK 02/20/2013 01:45:17

If those parents remember from their school days, "socialization" is actually SURPRESSED, not encouraged in school, except during recess or lunch. And I bet that many of them don't keep in contact with the majority of their high school classmates.

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