Fraction Flowers Craft: DIY Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives are a great way to make math come to life. With this fraction flowers craft, you can recruit your little ones to make math manipulatives that look beautiful in your homeschool classroom!

Paper plates
Crayons or colored pencils
Green construction paper or cardstock
Scotch tape or glue

Masking tape
Cork board
Push pins


Step 1. Design and label your fraction plates. First, print our free fraction cutouts. Next, recruit your little ones to help make the plates look beautiful. When the coloring is finished, cut out the four circles and use glue or tape to attach them to your paper plates.

Alternative: Another fun way to complete the project is with masking tape; however, this takes some time and patience. Cut the masking tape into the numbers for your fractions and tape them to the sections on your paper plates. If you use this technique, be sure your little one colors firmly all around the numbers. This ensures that the numbers are clearly visible after your fun white-space reveal when you peel off the masking tape.