Discover America's Past with Popular History Resources!

Let America's past come to life in your homeschool lessons with these engaging history resources that
give your child a fresh perspective on America's rich roots. Call Alpha Omega Publications® today at 800-622-3070 or click the links below to shop online and give your homeschooler a history experience that won't be forgotten!

Faith of Our Fathers
Should religion be allowed to influence government? With this 60-minute documentary, your homeschool family can examine that difficult question and explore America's present-day wall of separation between church and state. Introduced by Newt Gingrich, this thought-provoking DVD interviews leading scholars and historians who offer a different perspective on what our founding fathers were thinking when they wrote the Constitution's First Amendment.

The U.S. Government
Explore the role of an American citizen and study the inner workings of the U.S. government with this enlightening history resource for grades 6-12. With 24 fact-finding lessons on the United States' justice system, legislature, military, and elective process, this history supplement challenges students to search the Internet and delve into encyclopedias for information to complete crossword puzzles, fill-in-the-blank questions, matching tests, and other fun-filled exercises.

Drive Thru History
Host Dave Stotts blazes a new trail in your child's love for American history with humorous and expert commentary in these teen-friendly documentaries for grades 7-12. Putting a new spin on history, these fast-paced DVDs investigate the life and times of key patriots like John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Noah Webster and take viewers on road trips to places that shaped the United States.

American Adventures Series
Take your child on a historical learning adventure with amazing, true stories of figures and events that impacted America's history from 1770 to the present. Written in an appealing, storytelling format, these fact-filled books for grades 5 and up are sure to stir your child's imagination with 15 easy-to-read stories that include discussion, research activities, historical timelines, and thought-provoking summaries.

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