Get the Most from Monarch’s Reference Section

Found at the end of each individual unit within Monarch™, the reference section is a largely under-used tool. In fact, because it doesn't involve grading, many Monarch families tend to give it little more than a passing glace as they focus on getting through assigned lessons. However, your child should be encouraged to take advantage of this resource's educational tools:

    In-depth unit overviews prepare your child for new lesson content
    Comprehensive word lists enhance vocabulary skills
    Interactive games like Farmer Frank make review work more fun
    Web links to related Internet sites further explain topics of interest
    Additional learning activities make the homeschooling experience more meaningful
    Memory verses for Bible courses encourage individual spiritual growth
    Video clips in history and geography courses make historical events more relevant
    Theorems, postulates, and properties assist in writing geometry proofs
    Vocabulary definitions make math easier to understand

What's the best way to use the Monarch reference section?

In many Monarch subjects, your child will find it helpful to review for quizzes or tests by going to the reference section. With information conveniently located in one place, the reference section helps students find links or videos from lessons more quickly, eliminate the need to go in and out of assignments to search for important details, and if available, enjoy the review process better with interactive learning games. In addition, because the complete vocabulary list from the entire unit is included, your child can easily review the definitions or click on the speaker icons for proper pronunciations. Plus, if your homeschooler is particularly interested in learning more about a topic, the web-related links simplify the search for reliable information.

In summary, even though the reference sections are not graded in Monarch, homeschoolers should frequently view these helpful slices of the curriculum. Your child might be surprised at what's available. Better yet, he might just learn a lesson that sticks with him for a lifetime!

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